Mushkin Unleashes World’s Highest-Performance mSATA Solid-State Drive

Mushkin Debuts Ultra High-End Atlas Deluxe 30GB mSATA SSD

by Anton Shilov
11/09/2012 | 11:58 AM

Mushkin, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance computer products, this week introduced the industry’s highest-performing mSATA solid-state drive, which may be used for caching or as a boot drive. The Atlas Deluxe mSATA 30GB SSD promises levels of performance that are higher than those of many fully-fledged mainstream solid-state drives at a fraction of the price.


The new Atlas Deluxe 30GB solid-state drive is based on SandForce SF-2281 controller and high-performance multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory. The drives features read/write speeds up to 555MB/s/365MB/s and 4KB random read/write IOPS [input/output operations per second] up to 92000/70000. Previously, Mushkin only offered 60GB, 120GB and 240GB versions of the Atlas Deluxe SSDs, which are pretty expensive. The 30GB version should be relatively affordable.

"We are pleased to expand this award-winning Atlas Deluxe product line with a new 30GB offering. Even the most demanding customers can now satisfy their performance needs at a price that just makes sense," said Brian Flood, director of product development at Mushkin.

Mushkin Atlas Deluxe delivers SSD reliability and performance, in a lower-powered, smaller mSATA SSD form-factor that measures about an eighth of the size for easy installation on any device with an mSATA slot. The Atlas Deluxe mSATA is well-suited as a cache for existing hard drives or as a standalone SSD for thin and light laptops and Ultrabooks. The SSD are validated for Nvelo Dataplex caching software and Intel Smart Response Technology.