STEC Introduces 2TB Solid-State Drives, New Version of Caching Software

STEC Debuts 2TB SSDs with SAS, PCIe Interfaces, New EnhanceIO Version Improves Latency, Data Integrity

by Anton Shilov
01/28/2013 | 11:51 PM

STEC, a leading global provider of solid-state drive (SSD) solutions, has introduced a pair of 2TB PCI Express and serial-attached SCSI (SAS) SSD drives, each with select versions supporting unlimited writes. STEC is the only supplier to offer 2TB SSDs with both PCIe and SAS interfaces. Additionally, the company has released a significant update to its EnhanceIO SSD cache software.


As STEC continues to align with the needs of enterprise customers, the company has chosen to focus more acutely on a specific range of SSD solutions. These advancements in SAS- and PCIe-based SSDs are key to this alignment, as these two interfaces represent the largest segments of the enterprise-storage market opportunity.  The increased capacity, coupled with an array of proprietary STEC features, make the 2TB s840 and s1120 SSDs a clearly differentiated offering.  The company has built high reliability, significant performance improvements and enhanced data protection into each drive, while utilizing unique, STEC-developed ASIC designs that provide low power and unmatched longevity.  In addition, STEC's EnhanceIO software substantially improves the performance, manageability and usability of all drives – the software is drive-agnostic – while optimizing virtualization applications across Windows and Linux environments.

 "Working together with architects from STEC, DataON Storage evaluated an all-flash storage solution that yielded an unprecedented 16GB/s sustained throughput featuring 48 2TB STEC s840 enterprise SAS SSDs within two DataON DNS-1640 external storage JBODs. These high-throughput results show the true performance advantage of the STEC s840 drives and are especially valuable for accelerating I/O-intensive applications in industries such as the oil and gas, financial-services and government markets," said William Huang, vice president of sales, DataON Storage.

The newest member of STEC's s800 Series SAS SSDs, the versatile 2TB s840 drive works seamlessly with existing enterprise storage infrastructures.  The s840 appears to any system or RAID controller as a standard drive that can be managed by existing storage management tools, delivering true plug-and-play architecture.  The 2TB s840's proprietary controller allows the product to support 12% to 25% greater capacity than other SAS SSD on the market. The drive's PowerSafe technology protects against unscheduled power outages, a critical requirement for rapidly growing, data-intensive market segments, including cloud computing, data centers and large scale Internet properties.

 The 2TB s1120, which establishes a new level in capacity for the STEC s1100 series PCIe Accelerators, improves data access without expanding hardware footprints and operational costs, uses extremely low power, and provides high performance and endurance.  Its low power consumption --- less than 25W – is essential to hyper-scale data centers, in which every Watt is critical.  The s1120 PCIe accelerator enables multiple SSDs to be deployed on a single server and features data-protection functions such as PowerSafe technology that ensure that data is not lost in the event of power failure.  The 2TB s1120 card is ideal for accelerating applications such as big data, data analytics, statistical analysis and modeling, and video imaging, editing and sharing.

Both the s840 and s1120 SSDs are available in versions that support unlimited writes, features maximum longevity and reliability in write-intensive applications and optimizes users' return on enterprise SSD investments.

EnhanceIO cache software is designed to help users easily create, configure and analyze existing storage environments with cost-effective scalability. The new version has taken a major step forward with the addition of non-disruptive, fast, consistent and reliable write-back caching that greatly improves performance while reducing latency with improved data integrity.  The software upgrade also includes usability improvements and a graphic user interface that compiles additional statistics and analytics to deliver increased productivity. EnhanceIO is ideal for database, big data and virtualization applications, where the drive-agnostic caching software provides non-intrusive performance enhancement by seamlessly integrating into existing storage infrastructures and increasing input/output (I/O) levels.

"As the solid-state drive market continues to evolve and expand, it's imperative that businesses find the right combination of performance, capacity, reliability, and endurance. A full breadth of SSD solutions that fit multiple use cases and applications are a strong addition to the market, particularly in combination with caching software that can fully utilize the SSDs high capacity and performance," said Jeff Janukowicz, research director for solid-state storage at IDC.

 The STEC 2TB s840 SAS SSD and 2TB s1120 PCIe Accelerator SSD will be available in February with volume pricing starting at $7995 and $9425, respectively. EnhanceIO Cache Software is priced at $295 for Linux and $495 for Windows, and is available now for download from STEC's EnhanceIO page.