HGST Reveals World’s Highest Capacity 10K Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital’s Division Presents New Ultrastar 10K High-Capacity HDDs

by Anton Shilov
01/29/2013 | 03:45 PM

HGST, a division of Western Digital Corp., on Tuesday introduced the world’s highest-capacity hard disk drives with 10 000rpm spindle speed. With up to 1.2TB of capacity, the new Ultrastar drives will serve various storage solutions that require performance, capacity and reliability.


HGST Ultrastar C10K1200 hard disk drive comes with four 300GB platters, provide 1.2TB capacity, features Serial Attached SCSI (SAS-6Gb/s) interface and 64MB DRAM cache buffer. The HDD is the only 1.2TB hard drive with 10K rpm spindle speed available on the market today.

The Ultrastar C10K1200 drive includes a host of industrial-strength technologies designed to maximize reliability for mission-critical workloads, including fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motors that deliver a low acoustic rating and improved data integrity; rotational vibration safeguard (RVS) technology anticipates and counteracts disturbances that can occur in multi-drive configurations. In addition, the Ultrastar C10K1200 uses HGST-patented head load/unload ramp to minimize integration induced drive damage.

The Ultrastar HDDs are designed with the similar system architecture, HGST's Ultrastar 10K performance HDDs are designed to be plug-compatible with Ultrastar solid state drives. This allows IT managers to easily swap an SSD with a 10K hard drive in order to effectively scale and tier applications, as SSDs provide the best IOPs/watt for reducing TCO, while 10K performance drives are more cost effective from a dollar-per-GB and capacity-performance perspective. A common HDD and SSD architecture also speeds up the drive qualification process and gives IT managers the ability to mix and match drives to ensure scale and flexibility for easier deployment, maintenance and upgrades.

The Ultrastar C10K1200 is a solution for 24*7 enterprise applications such as data mining/analysis, business processing and timely delivery of data-intensive content-on-demand such as multiple channels of streaming video. For space and/or power constrained cloud or enterprise datacenter environments, the 1.2TB Ultrastar C10K1200 drive delivers 33% more capacity in the same 2.5” form factor, giving IT managers the ability to now store 28.8TBs in a 2U, 24-bay rackmount server.

The Ultrastar C10K1200 drive also helps datacenters achieve lower AC power and HVAC requirements. With HGST Advanced Power Management technology, with multi-state idle modes, the Ultrastar C10K1200 uses less than 5W during idle mode, freeing up precious headroom for growing datacenter needs.

For added data security, select models of the Ultrastar C10K1200 offer bulk data encryption for hard drive-level data security. These self-encrypting models are designed to the Trusted Computing Group's enterprise A security subsystem class encryption specification and allow customers to reduce costs associated with drive retirement and extend drive life by enabling swift and secure repurposing of drives.

The new 2.5” Ultrastar C10K1200 hard drive is shipping today, and has been qualified by select OEMs.