Akitio Introduces World’s Fastest One-Bay External SSD with Thunderbolt Interface

Akitio Debuts 256GB External SSD with Thunderbolt Interconnection

by Anton Shilov
04/16/2013 | 11:34 PM

Akitio, a maker of network and direct attached storage products, this week introduced what it calls the world’s fastest single-bay external storage on the market. The Akitio storage solution, which is based on Akitio Neutrino external Thunderbolt box and an Intel SSD, offers 120GB or 256GB capacity and incredible transfer rates for an external device.


Akitio SSD single-bay external solid-state storage solution packs Intel 330-series SSDs of 120GB or 320GB capacity as well as a special set of chips that bridge Serial ATA-6Gb/s and PCI Express/Thunderbolt interface. Thanks to high-performance SSD and fast interconnection, the external storage solution can achieve data transfer speeds of up to 464MB/s, making it the fastest one bay, bus powered external storage device on the market. The solution comes with bundled TB cable.

While the Akitio external SSD is considerably slower than LaCie Little Big Disk solutions that pack up to two SSDs in RAID mode, the solution is faster than conventional external Thunderbolt products, such as LaCie Rugged SSD.

Akitio external SSDs with Thunderbolt interface will likely become popular among users who need very fast storage sub-systems for mobile applications, such as video or audio professionals.

Also just like all Akitio products this device is backed up with a two year warranty.