TDK Launches New Solid-State Drives Based on Own Controller

TDK Introduces Industrial SSDs Powered by GBDriver RS4 Controller

by Anton Shilov
05/08/2013 | 09:49 PM

TDK Corp. this week introduced its new SDG4A-series solid-state drives aimed at industrial applications and based on its own GDDriver RS4 controller. The new SSDs are designed to provide ultimate reliability in extreme conditions and last four years of continuous use. The drives come with features like SMART, 128-bit encryption, internal battery for power-loss protection and other.


TDK SDG4A SSDs come in 2.5” form-factor and will be available with capacities from 64GB up to 512GB and will provide read access speeds up to 180MB/s and write access speeds up to 130MB/s with no DRAM or other cache while maintaining high reliability. The SSDs are compliant with Serial ATA revision 2.6 specification (with NCQ and TRIM technologies) and support 1.5Gb/s interface transfer speed. The new solid-state drives are based on eMLC NAND flash memory with enhanced reliability and the number of rewrite cycles.

The TDK SDG4A series of industrial SSDs are SATA flash memory drives ideally suited for use as replacements for hard disc drives in industrial equipment and embedded devices. They provide high-speed performance, data reliability, storage lifespan, and data security at the highest levels in the industry, according to TDK.


The new drives feature sophisticated static wear leveling algorithm averages the write and erase process over all blocks of the memory area, thereby drastically improving the lifespan of installed flash memory. SMART (self-monitoring & analysis reporting technology) provides information about the number of times that memory blocks have been erased (programmed), which facilitates quantitative lifespan management of flash storage. Static blocks such as for the OS are also periodically leveled, which drastically improves the lifespan of the installed flash memory. For example, assuming a daily data write volume of 10GB, an SSD with 16GB capacity will support over 200 years of rewrite operations. The range for static wear leveling can be freely set (but in this case, dynamic wear leveling is used for other areas).

The GBDriver power interruption tolerance algorithm and an integrated power supply backup circuit are standard features, making the SGD4 SSDs resistant against power supply problems, a highly desirable characteristic for demanding industrial applications.

The GBDriver RS4-series controller also supports a number of advanced features, such as enhanced ECC function which uses 71 bits per 512 bytes; read retry function, when an ECC error has occurred in a read operation, the GBDriver RS4 changes the read potential and attempts to read the data again; automatic error recovery that corrects bit errors (read disturbance errors) that can occur when data are read repeatedly.

In addition to ATA standard security functions, AES 128-bit encryption is also available. This makes it possible to store data in the NAND type flash memory in encrypted form, to guard against the risk of data leaks and tampering.

TDK SGD4A SSDs should be available to interested parties shortly.