MyDigitalSSD Unveils “World’s Fastest” Cache Solid-State Drive

Toggle MLC NAND-Based Caching SSD Could Mean High Performance at Low Price

by Anton Shilov
08/18/2013 | 11:08 PM

MyDigitalSSD, a supplier of solid-state drives and other NAND flash-based products, has introduced what it claims to be the world’s fastest caching SSD in mSATA, which is suitable for both high-end PCs and notebooks. The new drives are based on NAND flash memory with DDR/Toggle interface, which significantly outperforms typical MLC NAND.


The MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2 mSATA solid-state drives are powered by Toshiba’s first-gen 19nm Toggle (Sync) MLC NAND flash with transfer speeds up to 550MB/s as well as Phison S9 controller. The solid-state drive comes with with FNet HybriDisk caching software, which is actually supposed to enable acceleration by using cache SSDs.

Traditionally, solid-state drives used for caching utilized single-level-cell (SLC)
NAND flash memory, which is more expensive than MLC, but is much more reliable as well. MyDigitalSSD is the first company to start using MLC NAND for caching solid-state drives.

Usage of inexpensive memory allowed the manufacturer to offer the drives at relatively low price points: 24GB for $39.99, 32GB for $42.99, 64GB for $62.99, or 128GB for $99.99.

Super Cache 2 SSDs are now currently available for preorder at Later this August, Super Cache 2 drives will be available for purchase on Amazon as well as MyDigitalSSD retailers worldwide.