Skyera to Use SK Hynix’s 16nm NAND Flash for 500TB SkyEagle Enterprise Storage Systems

Skyera Teams Up with Hynix for NAND Flash Memory for 0.5PB SkyEagle Systems

by Anton Shilov
08/21/2013 | 10:59 PM

Skyera, a leading provider of enterprise-class solid-state storage systems, has announced it has selected 16nm NAND flash from SK Hynix, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flash memory chips, for its new skyEagle all-flash enterprise storage array. The new storage systems will offer unprecedented performance, reliability and capacity when they are available early next year.


The companies said that SK Hynix’s innovations in NAND process and design are key factors to enabling high performance and reliable 16nm flash comparable to 20nm offerings. While the two firms did not reveal whether Skyera will utilize single-level cell (SLC), multi-level cell (MLC) or enterprise-grade MLC with high endurance, it is more than likely that the announcement concerns some type of MLC memory produced using 16nm process technology.

“This is an exciting partnership that combines the expertise of one of the leaders in NAND flash and the leader in all-flash enterprise storage systems to ensure that the technology is optimized for new generations of enterprise applications. The information exchange between Skyera’s team of elite flash storage system designers and the chip design expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing process optimization of SK Hynix offers staggering potential for the future of enterprise flash storage,” said Radoslav Danilak, chief executive officer of Skyera.

It is interesting to note that SK Hynix has not officially announced its 16nm NAND flash memory.

Skyera’s skyEagle mission critical enterprise storage systems are based on Skyera’s third-generation solid-state platform and features innovations introduced last year in the skyHawk array, adding active/active controllers for high availability, synchronous/asynchronous replication, fully converged networks, protocols, and storage, and an unprecedented 500TB capacity in a 1U form factor, or more than 2.5PB after compression and deduplication. In addition, performance had been improved up to an industry-leading 5M IOPS. By leveraging the high density of the 1y/1z NAND (MAN) flash chips, combined with its proprietary high-performance flash controller and hardware accelerated services, Skyera has boosted the capacity and performance of skyEagle by a factor of 10 over the skyHawk array in just one year.

The skyEagle series offers 16 interchangeable 16Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb Ethernet ports supporting a mix of Fibre Channel and iSCSI block-based SAN protocols, as well as an option for 96 lanes of PCIe connectivity. Support for NFS and SMB makes skyEagle a truly converged enterprise storage solution.

Skyera has also set a list price for the read-optimized half petabyte (500 TB) skyEagle storage system of $1.99 per GB, or $.49 per GB with data reduction technologies. Shipments of initial products in the skyEagle series will commence in the first half of 2014.