Silicon Motion Develops USB 3.0 Flash Controller with 50% Higher Performance

Silicon Motion’s New Controller Cuts Costs, Improves Speed

by Anton Shilov
10/15/2013 | 11:20 PM

Silicon Motion Technology Corp., a well-known designer of NAND flash controllers, has introduced its new single-channel controller for USB 3.0 flash drives. The new controller integrates functionality that was previously implemented using standalone components and this reduces costs of the drives. In addition, the controller is faster than almost any of its predecessors.


Silicon Motion SM3267 single-channel controller for USB 3.0 flash drives incorporated an embedded crystal oscillator and all power ICs into one single chip. In addition, SM3267 delivers an industry-leading data transfer rate of up to 160MB/s read, a 30% to 50% improvement from most single-channel USB 3.0 flash drive controllers in the market today. The SM3267 is currently sampling among flash drives manufacturers and will likely reach the market inside final products sometimes in 2014.

Silicon Motion’s SM3267 provides an ultra-high performance, cost-effective USB 3.0 controller with industry leading capabilities and technologies including:

“We are very excited to introduce SM3267, our first crystal-less USB 3.0 solution with integrated power ICs. SM3267 offers superior performance with competitive cost when compared to other USB 3.0 controllers in the market, and we believe our solution will help accelerate the market in transitioning from legacy USB 2.0 flash drives to the latest generation USB 3.0 drives. This is another example of Silicon Motion leading the market in bringing new, advanced technology to the mainstream market. We are pleased to announce that SM3267 has received design-ins from most of our current USB controller customers, including many top-tier OEMs, and we expect SM3267-based USB 3.0 flash drives will be commercially available starting in the fourth quarter of 2013,” said Wallace Kou, president and chief executive of Silicon Motion.