Toshiba Introduces Its First Dual-Platter 2.5”/7mm Hard Drive

Toshiba Unleashes 750GB, 1TB Hard Drive for Notebooks

by Anton Shilov
10/24/2013 | 11:20 PM

Toshiba Corp., the world’s third largest maker of hard drives, has introduced its MQ02ABF-series hard drives for laptops, the company’s first 2.5”/7mm dual-platter HDDs. The drives will provide 750GB and 1TB storage capacities and will join Toshiba’s family of mobile storage solutions.


The MQ02ABF-series hard disk drives in 2.5”/7mm form-factor with 750GB and 1TB capacities have 5400rpm spindle speed, two platters, four heads and feature Serial ATA-6Gb/s interface. The manufacturer declares 12ms average seek time for both drives. The MQ02ABF HDD series features a rigid chassis design and dual stage head positioning technology. The drives are largely based on technologies that Toshiba obtained from Western Digital when it acquired its manufacturing capacities last year.

A Toshiba hard disk drive. Images for illustrative purposes only.

“The MQ02ABF series fulfills our customers’ desire for a high capacity 7mm form factor HDD required for today’s thin and light laptops. We continue to focus on delivering a wide range of storage devices that enhance the computing experience, and we believe this newest addition to Toshiba’s HDD product line will deliver the features our customers need,” said Don Jeanette, senior director of product marketing at Toshiba’s storage products business unit.

The drives should become available later this year.