Seagate Introduces Samsung-Branded 2TB Mobile Hard Drive

Seagate Reveals 2TB HDD in 2.5”/9.5mm Form-Factor

by Anton Shilov
11/05/2013 | 11:20 PM

Seagate Technology, one of the world’s largest hard disk drive makers, has introduced the world’s highest-capacity three-platter hard drive in 2.5”/9.5mm form-factor. The drive will be sold under Samsung brand-name and will open doors to thin mobile workstations as well as external storage solutions.


“The M9T combines the highest areal density shipping in a single storage device with an innovative design that fits into mainstream notebook applications. While other 2TB are solutions on the market are 15mm thick, the vast majority of mobile devices are designed to use a 9.5mm drive; with the M9T, those devices can now have 2TB of storage, enabling a richer computing experience,” said Dave Frankovich, senior product line manager of Seagate’s Samsung HDD unit.

Available in 2TB and 1.5TB capacities, Samsung M9T hard disk drive is based on three 667GB platters, 5400rpm motor as well as TuMR/PMR heads with FOD technology. The drives feature 32MB cache, Serial ATA-6Gb/s interface as well as SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies. The manufacturer declares 12ms average seek time, 5.6ms average latency as well as 169MB/s media-to-buffer transfer speed. The HDD consumes up to 2.3W during read/write operations as well as 0.18W in idle mode.

Traditionally, 2.5” hard drives for mobile applications with two platters are 9.5mm or 7mm thick. 2.5” HDDs with three or more platters feature 12.5mm or even 15mm thickness. Seagate has managed to squeeze three platters into a 2.5”/9.5mm form-factor.

“Samsung HDD with the new Spinpoint M9T continues to lead the effort in aerial density in a small form factor to supply our channel partners and customers with the highest-capacity and thinnest storage solution in the market. With consumer demand for storage capacity continuing to grow in mobile applications, the M9T answers this demand and is positioned to fulfill capacity needs in virtually any application,” said Doug DeHaan, general manager of Seagate’s Samsung HDD division.

The Spinpoint M9T hard drive is currently available in the Samsung internal drive product line, which includes the M3 Portable and P3 Portable external drives, as well as with select partners.