OCZ Launches New Enterprise-Class Intrepid 3000 Solid-State Drives

OCZ’s Intrepid 3000 Provides Superior Sustained I/O Operations and Latency Consistency

by Anton Shilov
12/12/2013 | 10:31 PM

OCZ Technology Group, a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs), on Thursday introduced its next-generation Intrepid 3000 series of enterprise-class SSDs delivering the industry’s best sustained performance and consistent I/O responses. The new SSD family is based on Everest 2 platform and supports storage capacities up to 800GB.


OCZ Intrepid 3600 and the Intrepid 3800 models are available in 100GB, 200GB, 400GB and 800GB usable storage capacity models; the new drives come in 2.5” form-factor. The new SSDs are powered by g the Everest 2 platform, a combination of the Marvell 88SS9187 controller with OCZ’s proprietary firmware; the new series features advanced flash management and endurance capabilities that extend NAND flash life and enhance drive reliability, all supported by a 5-year warranty. The new drives use NAND flash memory made using 19nm process technology. Full specifications of the drive are published below

The proprietary Intrepid 3000-series firmware is optimized to achieve consistent I/O responses and continues to perform at top speed regardless of whether data is in a compressed or uncompressed format.  In this scenario, OCZ’s new advanced flash management efficiently manages all of the housekeeping routines such as garbage collection, enabling the SSD to keep up with incoming read and write requests.

In a steady state condition by which the drive is writing, erasing and re-writing data repeatedly over the full capacity of the drive, the performance for both large block sequential operations, as well as small block random operations, is high.  This includes 520MB/s for sequential reads (128K blocks), 470MB/s for sequential writes (128K blocks), 91,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) for random reads (4K blocks) and 40,000 IOPS for random writes (4K blocks).  In comparison to OCZ’s previous SATA III enterprise drives, the Intrepid 3000-series delivers five times faster sustained performance for 4K write operations and two times faster sustained performance for 4K read operations.

The Intrepid 3600 drives utilize reliable and cost-effective multi level cell (MLC) NAND media while the Intrepid 3800 models feature high endurance enterprise MLC (eMLC) NAND media. For read-intensive applications, such as online archiving, media streaming and web browsing, the Intrepid 3600 MLC Series is the best alternative and guarantees one complete drive write per day for 5 years.  For write-intensive or mixed workload applications such as OnLine Transaction Processing (OLTP), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), email servers and analytics, OCZ’s Intrepid 3800 Series provides the best option and guarantees five complete writes per day for 5 years.

“Our new Intrepid 3000 Series leverages in-house firmware with an impressive enterprise feature-set to enable customers with unprecedented performance, data management, endurance and reliability, and cost flexibility resulting in an optimal storage environment. Delivering exceptional SSD responsiveness in even the most demanding and compute-intensive applications, the Intrepid 3000 Series achieves unsurpassed performance under any workload, regardless of data type and I/O pattern for the complete spectrum of applications including online archiving, media streaming and web browsing OLTP, VDI, email and analytics,” said Daryl Lang, senior vice president of product management for OCZ Technology.

 The Intrepid 3000 Series features an advanced suite of endurance and reliability tools designed to extend NAND flash memory life while providing the enterprise-class endurance, reliability and data integrity required by today’s data center managers.  This includes:

All Intrepid 3000 series models will be available through OCZ’s global channel of authorized enterprise solution resellers in the first quarter of 2014.