Western Digital to End Shipments of Parallel ATA Hard Disk Drives in 2013

WD to End-of-Life PATA Hard Drives in Coming Days

by Anton Shilov
12/23/2013 | 10:26 PM

No matter how good and forward-looking high-tech standards are, they all reach their end-of-life eventually. It looks like twenty seven years after its inception, Parallel ATA standard used to connect hard disk drives and other storage devices to PCs, will officially pass away. Western Digital, one of the world’s top HDD makers and a leading force behind PATA development, will cease to sell hard drives with PATA interface, a media report claims.


The Parallel ATA interface has come a long way and existed in 16MB/s, 33MB/s, 66MB/s, 100MB/s as well as 133MB/s versions. The successor for PATA – Serial ATA – first emerged on the market back in 2003, but the old interface somehow managed to live on for a decade after the first SATA platforms and hard drives were released. Even today there are HDDs with PATA interface, besides, many modern mainboards support up to two of such storage devices.

But the end is nearing for desktop PATA hard drives. Western Digital, one of the world’s largest makers of hard disk drives, will cease to sell its WD800AAJB, WD1600AAJB, WD2500AAJB, WD3200AAJB, WD4000AAJB and WD5000AAJB HDDs with Parallel ATA interface on December 29, 2013, reports Expreview web-site.

It is interesting to note that even Serial ATA interface as we know it is about to get a replacement in the next couple of years. Next year numerous makers of mainboards will start to implement Serial ATA Express (SATA Express) interface with up to 2GB/s bandwidth, a considerable increase over 0.6GB/s bandwidth offered by Serial ATA-6Gb/s standard.

WD did not comment on the news-story.