AIDA 64 Extreme – Free Full Version!

Benchmarks are extremely useful tools for measuring your system stability through stress testing your CPU, GPU and other components like your memory and cache. These tools are often used when overclocking your CPU, GPU or if you want to monitor your CPU temperatures and perhaps do some routine checks like applying new thermal paste.

One of the most popular all-in-one benchmarks used in the PC industry is AIDA64. This is mainly due to the fact that this benchmark can do it all in one place and can stress test and benchmark your CPU, GPU, memory, cache latency, and overall thermal performance. It also has access to your component details and can even help you with drivers if needed.

AIDA64 is indeed a wonderful tool but the one downside is that the full capabilities of the software are locked under a purchase. If you do not have the option to spend some money on new stress testing software there is another quick way for you to access the full suite of features of AIDA64.

AIDA64 Free Industry Code

Usually, nothing comes for free and there is always a catch but in this case, we have found out a pretty cool way of activating AIDA64 for free. For a while, a certain activation code has been floating around on the internet (Reddit and other forums mostly) that allows you to activate AIDA64 for free on any device.

The specific code we are talking about is RY36Y-1UUD6-12D9S-LDPS4-FX1BJ. After some research on the forums, it appears that this is an industry code that is usually given to tech reviewers or big companies that will need to install AIDA64 on hundreds of machines at once.

The code allows them to do so without needing to change to a different code every time making it a lot easier for them to deal with this task. We have tested the code multiple times on multiple devices and lo and behold it actually works with no issues.

aida64 product key
aida 64 valid key

From what it seems this code has been a thing on the internet for quite a long time and there is really no reason for you to not use AIDA64 fully so go ahead and enjoy the full suite of features for free. Of course, if you can support the developers of AIDA64 that would be preferable!

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