Arctic P12 Silent Review – When Peace and Quiet Matters

Whenever you are building a new PC, it is always important to make sure that your CPU and GPU are effectively cooled. If you fail at providing your components with fresh air they will most definitely thermally throttle and slow down in performance.

To avoid this situation you need to make sure that you are using enough case fans at higher speeds and the case itself has good airflow.

But what if you want a more silent operation of your PC without the constant noise coming from your case fans, while also retaining good airflow in your case.

For this special situation, we recommend using the Arctic P12 Silent 120mm fans. I have bought a couple for my build and can share some information about their overall quality.

Build Quality

arctic p12 silent case fans packages

The Arctic P12 Silent fans feel very well built and quite sturdy for their plastic construction. The P12 Silents have been built specifically for high static pressure airflow therefore they guarantee highly efficient cooling even if there are barriers such as radiators or mesh in their way.

arctic p12 silent case fans unboxed

These fans are therefore optimal to be used as radiator fans but at the same time, you won’t lose anything by using them as normal case fans.

Arctic has improved its fan blade design considerably and used new bearings and motors for its P12 series. The fan blades create a lot less noise with tests showing 28dB while under load which is pretty impressive.

The bearing uses special materials and alloys to allow for lower friction, therefore, achieving lower motor and bearing noises while operating.

A bonus of this new technology is the fact that there is less heat being produced (since there is less friction) leading to a higher life span of your Arctic P12 Silent case fans.

Overall the fan is virtually inaudible at lower RPMs, and pleasantly silent when used at higher speeds. It is no wonder these P12 fans have been very popular among reviewers, sometimes even beating out household names like Noctua at silent cooling!

Basic Specs

The Arctic P12 Silent case fans operate at a max fan speed of 1050 rpm, with airflow being measured at 24.1 CFM/ 41 m³/h. The fans also have high static pressure measuring at 0,50 (mm/H2O).

In normal human language what the paragraph above means is that these fans don’t spin very fast because silence is the main selling point. At the same time because of the fan blade design, efficient motor, and lubrication, this 120mm silent fan can push a lot of dense air into your case, effectively cooling your parts.

You should not be scared of things like overclocking your CPU or GPU since with these fans the heat will quickly exit the case.

I have also personally stress-tested my CPU and GPU with Cinebench R20 runs, 3DMark runs, and even some Prime 95 on small FFT and have not noticed any issues with heat dissipation or overheating.

All components were in a comfortable range of temperatures which is a statement of how good these case fans are at bringing fresh air in, and hot air out.

Case Fans Control

To access your case fan controls open your BIOS on boot-up and navigate to the hardware monitor settings.

Since these are 3-pin fans they operate on DC power and setting them to PWM fan control will just make them run at full speed.

arctic p12 silent case fans pins

To make full use of these case fans, keep them on DC power and set them to around 60-70% fan speed. This will maximize the quiet operation while also keeping your components cool under any load.

If you on the other hand have a stuffy case with little airflow you can run these fans at max speed, but then as mentioned before, you are sacrificing some of the silent operation of the fans.

Overall setting up the Arctic P12 Silent case fans is as easy as with any other fans, especially since they do not have RGB, so no extra wires to fiddle with!

Price & Availability

One of the reasons the Arctic P12 Silent fans are so popular is because unlike their more expensive counterparts (looking at you Noctua), the P12s cost only 8.99€/$ and can be found in most parts of the world easily.

The only downside to this popularity is that sometimes you might have a hard time buying these fans for yourself because they sell out quicker than hot bread.

Luckily, local retailers usually have extra stock so you should still be covered. Good price, for an excellent product!


The Arctic P12 Silent case fans are an excellent choice for those who value peace and quiet, even when sitting in front of their computers. These fans operate quietly, while also cooling down your parts extremely well.

Arctic’s implementation of the new fan blade designs and motor technologies has created a worthwhile competitor for other silent fans that cost twice as much, so if you plan to upgrade your case fans, don’t look too far – choose Arctic!

Review Summary

The Arctic P12 Silent case fans are not only virtually impossible to hear at low RPMs but are great at cooling your components even with obstacles such as radiators and mesh surfaces in their way! With their low price and overall great offer, it is hard to not recommend the P12 Silent fans!

  • Fan Noise 8.0
  • Motor Noise 8.0
  • Build Quality 9.0


  • Quiet operation even at higher RPMs
  • Long lifespan because of new technologies
  • Great at cooling components


  • Has no RGB (for some people this is not an issue)
  • Might be sold out often

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