The Best FPS Mice in 2021

First-person shooter games, especially multiplayer ones, demand high precision along with fast reflexes. While the latter can’t be upgraded on a whim, you can boost your precision by picking a mouse built for FPS titles. The definition of the best FPS mouse differs from person to person. Some people prefer wired models while others cherish the freedom of a wireless mouse. Some gamers like their mice to be lighter than a feather while others are used to weighty mice that are slower for pulling flick shots but are great for sniping enemies across the map.

Whatever your preferences are, we have a mouse that should fit your needs. Our best FPS mouse list includes wired and wireless models, mice with ultralight bodies but also chunky rodents. Ambidextrous and ergonomic picks. And if you don’t find a mouse that suits you, check out our buying guide at the end of this piece for lots of handy info regarding buying a mouse for FPS games. Let’s begin.

logitech g pro x superlight
  • Wireless Lightspeed technology
  • Hero 25K sensor
  • 63 grams
  • Pure PTFE feet

FPS players rely on fast and precise movements therefore their mouse needs to be like an extension of their arm – accurate and light. The Logitech G Pro X Superlight fits both of those criteria with the flawless Hero 25K sensor and weighing in at only 63 grams.

What is even more impressive is that this is a wireless mouse but it has better latency than even some wired mice. This is because Logitech has come a long way with its Lightspeed wireless technology and can provide extremely consistent inputs across the board.

The mouse has a premium build with great PTFE feet, great coating, crisp clicks, and a tactile mouse wheel. The shape is also a very safe shape that will work fine with most hand sizes and grips. Overall if you do not know where to start in your quest to find your main FPS mouse trying the Superlight is a great idea.

  • Excellent sensor with very tight latency
  • Excellent wireless connectivity that delivers unrivaled performance
  • Amazing battery life
  • Safe shape for everybody to use
  • Great build quality
  • The stock Omron switches are not the best
  • The lack of RGB might be considered a downside by some potential buyers

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed

The Superlight Rival

razer viper ultimate wireless
  • Weight: 74 Grams
  • Number Of Buttons: Eight
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Battery Life: Up To 70 Hours
  • DPI And Polling Rate: 20,000 DPI; 1000Hz Polling Rate

If you’re looking for the best of the best and you prefer wireless mice, the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed should be your top pick. First of all, this wireless mouse is very light. At only 74 grams this mouse is perfect for people who prefer light mice but also want wireless connectivity. The build quality is excellent despite the low weight. The ambidextrous design makes this mouse an excellent choice no matter which hand you aim with.

The 20,000 DPI sensor guarantees extreme accuracy, the latency is extremely low even compared to wired mice. The mouse includes eight programable buttons in total, which should be enough to map frequently used actions in FPS games. In other words, gaming performance is superb. When it comes to the battery life the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed can last for up to 70 hours and once it empties you can charge the mouse via a Micro-USB cable or via the futuristic-looking dock. Another great thing are ultra-responsive optical mouse switches that are rated for 70 million clicks.

When it comes to negatives, there are only a few. First of all, a micro-USB port on a flagship product is unacceptable in the current year. Next, most third-party Micro-USB cables won’t work with the mouse since their base is probably too wide to fit the micro USB port on the mouse. We would also like to see bigger glide pads on the bottom. The lack of Bluetooth connectivity might look like a downside but Bluetooth isn’t suitable for any form of fast-paced gaming so we cannot consider that a negative. Everything else on this mouse is top-notch making the Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed the best mouse for FPS games.

  • Superb Performance
  • Spotless Wireless Connectivity
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Low Weight For A Wireless Mouse
  • Features Full Ambidextrous Design
  • No USB-C Port
  • Not Suitable For People With Extra Large Hands
  • Most Third-Party USB Cables Cannot Be Used For Charging

Endgame Gear XM1r

The Best Claw Grip FPS Mouse

endgame gear xm1r
  • PAW 3370
  • 70 grams
  • Kailh GM 8.0 main switches
  • Black Flex Cord 2.0
  • Pure PTFE feet

If you use a claw grip for your mouse there is probably no better shape than the Endgame Gear XM1r. The XM1r is a refresh of the older XM1 which made waves when it just came out because of the shape and Kailh GM 8.0 switches.

The XM1r builds upon that legacy and creates a complete package for medium to large hand gamers that use a claw grip (the mouse can be used with other grip styles but the shape lends itself mostly to claw).

The mouse uses a 3370 PixArt flawless sensor that has no issues with fast tracking or flicking, weighs around 70 grams, and has a solid construction. The mouse uses a paracord-like cable and PTFE feet to ensure a smooth glide as well.

The interesting part about the XM1r is that it also pays attention to the smaller details by including a higher quality ALPS wheel encoder and TTC side button switches. The mouse comes in different color schemes and textures therefore you have some choices to make, but you can be 100% that this is the mouse for you if you are a claw grip FPS gamer.

  • Flawless sensor performance
  • Great build quality and attention to details
  • The best shape for a claw grip user
  • Great for FPS games
  • The shape is inclined towards a specific grip therefore not as universal
  • RGB only comes with a separate model

Xtrfy M42

Adaptive Mouse for FPS Gamers

xtrfy m42
  • PMW 3389
  • 59 grams
  • Hot-swap back shells
  • Xtrfy EZcord
  • Pure PTFE feet

The Xtrfy M42 is a medium to small-sized mouse that can be used with all three grips because it has a party trick. The M42 has 2 back shells that you can hot-swap depending on what you prefer – a higher hump or a flatter shape.

Depending on your choice this mouse can become a good fingertip grip mouse or a claw grip mouse. To comfortably palm this mouse you will need to have pretty small hands because the mouse is short.

Besides this little trick the mouse can do it is overall a top-end mouse that can contend with all the other premium mice on the market. It uses a top-end 3389 PMW sensor and it only weighs around 59-60 grams.

As with all good mice nowadays it comes with a paracord-like cable and PTFE feet that allow you to stay nimble while tracking or flicking in your FPS game of choice. The M42 also has a nice RGB strip that goes around the front of the mouse giving it an overall stunning look.

If you have medium to small-sized hands and you vary your grip between fingertip and claw grip then this mouse will be the perfect choice for you. This is because it will let you experiment and find your preferred grip between those 2 while not sacrificing in-game performance because nobody likes bottom fraggers.

  • Instantly adjust the size and shape of the mouse with the hot-swap back shells
  • A top-end sensor that performs under all circumstances
  • Lightweight therefore perfect for FPS games
  • Great implementation of RGB
  • Not the best paracord-like cable, a little bit on the stiffer side

Vaxee Zygen NP-01S

What Zowie Should Have Been

vaxee zygen np-01s
  • PMW 3389
  • 71 grams
  • Huano main switches
  • Paracord cable
  • Non-symmetrical

In the CS:GO community the Zowie mice have become synonymous with great performance and professional eSports players. Unfortunately, it seems like Zowie is not exactly a big fan of innovating and because of that the main designers that have created the classic shapes like the EC and FK series have left Zowie.

These same people decided to create their own line of mice that have a great emphasis on shape and that is how Vaxee was created. Vaxee is the core Zowie team that now builds their own mice and implements all of the features that Zowie seems to ignore.

With this introduction now done, we will talk about the mouse itself – the Vaxee Zygen NP-01S. This is a non-symmetrical (not an ergo) mouse that works with all hand shapes and grips and that puts a great emphasis on eSports performance.

Just like the Zowie mice made back in the day, the Vaxee mice emphasize reliability and it shows in the build quality. The NP-01S is built like a tank and weighs only 71 grams. The mouse uses the top-end 3389 PMW sensor and 60g Huano switches for the main clicks. The mouse also uses a paracord cable and pure PTFE feet (something Zowie still does not use to this day even with the new series of mice).

There is no software and everything is adjusted on the mouse for no extra clutter. If you still like the classic Zowie shapes but cannot put up with the fact that they refuse to innovate then the Vaxee mice will definitely not disappoint you.

  • Flawless implementation of the 3389 sensor
  • Built like a tank
  • Classic Zowie-like shape
  • If you are a CS:GO nerd then this is what Zowie should have been
  • The weight is still pretty high in comparison to other mice, but Vaxee focuses on build quality and reliability first and not weight.

Additional Mice

The truth is that currently on the market there are a whole lot more mice that are superb but that were not mentioned on this list. The main reason is of course the fact that if we did try to mention at least 50% of them this article would have been longer than our lifespans.

Here is a quick list of other mice you should check out if interested based on the grip style and shape they have. This list is in no particular order and will probably still miss some mice out there, but we are focusing on mice we can guarantee people already use and vouch for in their own category.

Fingertip Grip:

  • Finalmouse Starlight-12 (or any other rebrand of this shell)
  • Zaunkoenig M2K (carbon fiber custom mouse)
  • Razer Viper Mini
  • Orochi V2
  • Xtrfy MZ1
  • Finalmouse Ultralight 2 (if you can find it)
  • G-Wolves Hati-S/Hati-S Wireless
  • G-Wolves HSK
  • Cooler Master MM711/710
  • Glorious Model O-
  • Logitech G305
  • Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm 2

Claw Grip:

  • Roccat Burst Pro
  • Zowie ZA-13
  • Razer Viper/Viper 8K
  • Zowie S2
  • Cooler Master MM711
  • Roccat Kain 200
  • Glorious Model O
  • Logitech G305
  • Zowie FK2-C
  • Logitech G303 (Shroud will give you his blessing)
  • Zowie S2-C
  • Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm 2

Palm Grip:

  • Roccat Kone Pro Air
  • Ninjutso Origin One X
  • Glorious Model O
  • Razer Viper/Viper 8K
  • Vaxee Outset AX
  • Logitech G703
  • G-Wolves Skoll/Skoll mini
  • Zowie EC-3C
  • Razer Basilisk
  • Zowie FK1-C
  • Zowie FK1+-C
  • Glorious Model D/D-
  • Steelseries Prime/Prime Mini
  • Pulsar Xlite
  • Xtrfy M4/M4 Wireless

All of these mice are great in their own way but heavily differ based on shape, size, weight, and general preferences. Before picking any mouse for FPS gaming you should do some extensive research on the mouse you plan to purchase.

How To Choose A FPS Mouse

When it comes to picking the right mouse for first-person shooters, the gist is picking one that best suits your hand size and that’s light (or weighty) enough to allow for uninterrupted hand movements. Some FPS fans also need a sniper button and there’s, of course, the age-old debate about using wireless mice for first-person shooters. Here you can read the details regarding picking the right mouse for FPS games. If you want to find an extensive buying guide that covers most topics, check out our list of best wireless mice.

Watch About The Weight

While not all gaming mice have to be lightweight (just look at these MMO mice monsters) first-person fans prefer lighter models because they allow for faster and less restricted aiming. Nevertheless, some gamers prefer heavier gaming mice even for first-person shooters.

The weight, along with the gaming performance, is the most important feature in every FPS gaming mouse. So, before you go out and start searching for your next mouse find out which side are you on. Because picking a too light or too weighty mouse can ruin your gaming experience.

Check For The Sniper Button

Some users, especially those that prefer using snipers and other scope-equipped weapons like having the sniper button on their mouse. This is an extra button found on some mice that lowers DPI while pressed, allowing for quick DPI change for pulling off long-range headshots. If you’re one of the people who need to have the sniper button check each interesting model in detail since not many mice have one.

Wired or Wireless

Last but not least is the age-old debate about whether you should use a wired or wireless gaming mouse. This debate is especially heated when it comes to using wireless mice for fast-paced competitive multiplayer shooters.

The truth is, there’s literally no difference between the two. Quality wireless gaming mice have the same latency as wired models. This works only when using the provided USB dongle since Bluetooth connection can be spotty and laggy at times no matter the mouse you’re using. Also, if you’re using a regular (non-gaming) wireless mouse chances are it will have higher latency than gaming models.

That said, don’t go and buy the cheapest wireless gaming mouse you can find since chances are, it could show increased lag due to lower quality of components. Your best bet are big name brands since they are usually using the best sensors and the best wireless technology. Their budget models, even sub-$50 mice, offer great wireless performance.

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