The Best MMO Mice in 2021

WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, and other massively multiplayer online games usually feature dozens of spells, special attacks, powers, and other actions that require mapping those controls across your whole keyboard. Or creating macros that require special macro keys, usually found on gaming keyboards. You can do that and end up with half controls unreachable with your fingers or you can get an MMO mouse and map those controls to many buttons found on these mice.

And since the MMO mouse market is a niche, finding the best MMO mouse is quite painless. Much easier than finding the best wireless mouse since that market includes thousands of different models. Today we’ve listed the best MMO mice you can get right now. We have wired as well as wireless models. We also included a couple of unusual picks that can thrive when used in games other than MMOs. Let’s check them out.

razer naga trinity gaming mouse
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 16,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 9/14/19, Depending On The Side Panel Used
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Design: Right-Handed
  • Weight: 120 Grams

For years MMO mice had one major issue. The huge array of buttons on them was great when you needed, like, a dozen easily reachable keys for various actions. But when playing other games or using the mouse for browsing the web or any other work-related task, that huge collection of buttons was a nuisance if nothing else. Well, the Razer Naga Trinity fixed that issue, making this mouse the best MMO gaming mouse you can buy right now. And when you compare its price to its main rivals, this is also the best budget MMO mouse on the market right now.

At its default design, you get the classic Razer Naga looks. A long and wide body featuring twelve buttons placed on the left side of the mouse. But this mouse comes with three hot-swappable thumb panels, allowing this mouse to be much more than an MMO mouse. The second panel features seven buttons arranged in a circular layout. And the third panel features two classic, back, and forward buttons. And swapping different panels works painlessly and it’s very fast.

You can use the classic layout and then exit WoW, swap the panel and use the mouse for playing FPS games, where the back and forward buttons are perfect for using them to throw grenades and melee attacking enemies. And this mouse works perfectly with any game thanks to its 16,000 DPI sensor combined with ultra-responsive buttons and excellent scroll wheel.

The mouse is a wired model and since it’s pretty large it won’t be the best choice for users with smaller hands. It also includes RGB backlighting for side buttons and scroll wheel and sells for a competitive price. Overall, this is the best MMO mouse you can get right now.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Swappable Side Panels Make This Mouse A True Jack Of All Trades
  • Solid Design
  • Great For Any Video Game Genre
  • Excellent Choice For Both Gaming And Productivity
  • Too Large For Users With Smaller Hands

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

Excellent Mouse For Hardcore MMO And MOBA Players

corsair scimitar rgb elite
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 18,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 17 Programmable Buttons
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Design: Right-Handed
  • Weight: 122 Grams

If you aren’t interested in hot-swapping the side panel when not playing an MMO or MOBA title and if you’re spending most of your time playing these two video game genres, take a look at the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite. While it doesn’t feature a swappable side panel, it offers superb ergonomics and top-notch hardware.

Its side button arrangement cannot be swapped with a regular, two-key button design but it can be moved back and forth until you find the perfect position where each of the twelve buttons is easily reachable. That could be really helpful for hardcore MMO gamers since all twelve buttons should be easily reached at all times. On top of that, the mouse features an ergonomic design and medium size so it’s extremely comfortable to use both by users with small and large hands.

Its sensor has 18,000 DPI resolution and you can change the sensitivity in 1 DPU steps, which is pretty cool and can actually be helpful for some users. And while the overall build quality is superb (no cracks or squeals when squeezing the mouse) the rubber used for the finger rest looks flimsy and not of the same quality as the rest of the mouse. Overall, this is an excellent MMO mouse but for people who don’t play MMO or MOBA games often, there are better choices out there.

  • Movable MMO Key Array Is Excellent To Have
  • Superb Performance
  • Perfect For MMO and MOBA Titles
  • Comfortable To Use For Long Gaming Sessions
  • Sensitivity Can Be Adjusted In 1 DPI Steps
  • Not For Users Who Play MMO and MOBA Games Occasionally
  • Rubber Used For Finger Rest Feels Cheap

Logitech G604 Lightspeed

The Best Wireless MMO Mouse

logitech g604 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 16,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 15 Programmable Buttons
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Weight: 135 Grams
  • Battery Life: Up To 240 Hours Of Active Usage

The G604 Lightspeed from Logitech is the best wireless MMO mouse you can find. First of all, this mouse looks nice. It features a futuristic design reminiscent of some other Logitech mice, such as the G502. Build quality is excellent. The mouse won’t creak or whine and the plastic used is top-notch. On top of it all, everything feels excellently built and rather sturdy. The main feature of this mouse is the side panel button array that includes six buttons in total. While the mouse works perfectly with MMO, MOBA, and other, slower-paced games it’s pretty heavy and isn’t the best for shooters.

As is the case with other mice on this list, the side buttons can be assigned any role. They can also be assigned macros if you want, and also be used in programs and apps that can benefit from various shortcuts and macros. The mouse features a scroll wheel made of metal that has two scroll modes – a regular mode and an infinite mode where the scroll wheel turns until you manually stop it, like on the MX Master mice.

When it comes to the sensor, it’s the HERO sensor from Logitech that features a sensitivity of 16,000 DPI and 1,000Hz pooling rate. It also features both USB dongle and Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with multiple devices at the same time. When it comes to performance, the mouse works perfectly when connected via USB dongle. Over Bluetooth the connection is stable but the lag can be noticed during gaming sessions.

The mouse uses one AA battery that can last for 240 hours of usage. Both the battery and the USB dongle are stored inside a compartment that is sealed with magnets, so opening it is easy while the lid is stable when using the mouse. While not featuring a swappable side panel or movable button array, the G604 Lightspeed is an excellent MMO mouse. Fewer side buttons make them easier to memorize and press. Wireless performance is spotless. The design is excellent and ergonomics are superb. And the overall quality of the G604 Lightspeed is near perfect.

  • Top-Notch Build Quality
  • Excellent Wireless Performance
  • Very Comfortable To Hold And Use
  • Superb Optical Sensor
  • Excellent For Gaming And Productivity
  • Bluetooth Connection Can Be Spotty
  • Users With Very Small Hands Will Find This Mouse Too Large
  • Too Heavy For Competitive Shooters

SteelSeries Rival 500

Excellent MMO Mouse With Original Design

steelseries rival 500
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 16,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 15 Buttons
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Design: Right-Handed
  • Weight: 129 Grams

SteelSeries decided to create an MMO mouse with an original design. Instead of placing an array with a dozen or so buttons on the left side panel of the mouse, the company strategically placed a bunch of buttons all over the body of the mouse. And the end result is surprisingly good. The build quality is excellent.

The plastic feels nice, the mouse is sturdy and won’t creak or whine when squeezed and the mouse feels sturdy. The only downside is that the rubber used on the sides of the mouse feels sticky and the adhesive used can melt during hot days. This is a known issue with many SteelSeries mice so be ready for the rubber side grips to start slipping as soon as the summer comes. On the flipside, ergonomics and button placement are excellent.

It was a risk keeping this design that’s quite different from other MMO mice but the risk paid out. The mouse is very comfortable to use and each button is easily reachable, no matter the size of your hands. This is also great because you don’t always have a huge button array on the side. When not playing an MMO game you can just ignore most of the buttons and only use those you need. The only issue with this design is that memorizing all those buttons placed all over the body of the mouse takes some time.

But once you learn the button placement the mouse becomes a jot to use. The Rival 500 is great for most games but it’s a bit too heavy for competitive shooters. If you still plan on playing FPS games with it don’t worry about the sensor being precise enough since the Rival 500 uses a 16,000 DPU sensor with 1,000Hz polling rate. Overall, this mouse is a great MMO mouse, just remember that the button placement needs time to get used to and that rubber used on the side grips uses a cheap adhesive that will melt come hot days.

  • Original Button Placement That Works Excellently
  • Very Comfortable To Hold And Use
  • Excellent Performance
  • Great For All Users, No Matter Their Hand Size
  • Rubber Used Is Of Low Quality
  • Cheap Adhesive Melts When Hot, Making The Rubber To Fall Off
  • Too Heavy For Competitive Shooters

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

Unique Mouse With A Plethora Of Features

swiftpoint z gaming mouse
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 12,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 18 Buttons, Some Are Swappable And Can Be Removed
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Design: Right-Handed
  • Weight: 117 Grams

The Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse is a unique beast. It’s a high-end gaming mouse with 15 programable buttons but also with buttons with pressure sensors, tilt & roll features as well as analog joystick controls. Yes, it looks weird but in practice, this is an excellent gaming mouse. The buttons are placed all over the body of the mouse and are easy to reach. When used like a normal MMO or gaming mouse the Swiftpoint Z performs excellent and is suited for every game since you can just ignore the buttons you don’t need when playing shooters or action adventures.

The build quality is excellent. The mouse feels rugged with only some buttons feeling a bit unstable. But that’s because they can be pushed or pulled, and replaced with smaller buttons. Aside from these “triggers”, this mouse offers a tilt option since it features a gyroscope. This feature is finicky because you can easily activate it while just sliding the mouse, which isn’t great. Also, the mouse features replaceable buttons but they aren’t easy to swap.

The Swiftpoint Z also has a tiny OLED screen on the side but it’s just another gimmick you won’t use. As for the base hardware, the mouse uses a 12,000 DPI sensor that’s great for any game. The button layout is nicely designed and although it needs so time to get used to it, the learning curve isn’t too steep. But the price and the extra features such as tilt that aren’t really usable are the main shortcomings of this mouse. If it came out just with extra buttons and without those weird triggers and the tilt function, this would be an excellent MMO mouse that would also sell for less. But with its current price, this mouse is just too expensive to recommend. Get it if you can find it at a discount.

  • Excellent Button Layout Makes Each Button Easily Reached
  • Great Performance
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Great For Any Game
  • Extra Features, Such As Tilt And Pivot Are Gimmicks
  • Too Expensive
  • Some Buttons, Such As Two Triggers, Just Add To The Design Complexity Without Offering Real Advantages

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed

The Best Gaming Mouse That’s Also A Great MMO Mouse

razer basilisk ultimate hyperspeed
  • Sensor Used: Optical, 20,000 DPI, 1,000Hz Polling Rate
  • Number Of Keys: 11 Programmable Buttons
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Weight: 107 Grams
  • Battery Life: Up To 100 Hours

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless is one of the best gaming mice on the market. This mouse has it all and thanks to its 11 programmable buttons, it can be used as an MMO and MOBA mouse. First of all, the build quality and design are great, as you expect from a mouse this expensive. On top of that, buttons also feel great and responsive and the mouse fits great into almost any hand.

The eleven programmable buttons can replace a classic MMO mouse button array but they aren’t as good as having 11 main along with six or seven classic buttons on a mouse. But if you aren’t a hardcore MMO player and play other games more than MMOs and MOBAs, this mouse is a superb choice. The button placement is excellent. Each button is easy to reach and the mouse is extremely comfortable to use, thanks to its tried and true ergonomic design.

The hardware used is perfect. Button switches are extremely responsive and long-lasting and the 20,000 DPI sensor is the best on the market. You won’t find a better sensor out there. The wireless performance is perfect and the mouse can be charged either via cable or via a provided dock. The battery can last up to 100 hours on one charge. All these features make the Razer Basilisk Ultimate one of the best gaming mice. It’s not perfect for MMOs, but it can work with them quite alright. If it were only a bit cheaper, this mouse would be a default recommendation.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Wireless Connection Works Flawlessly
  • Very Comfortable To Hold And Use
  • Superb Build Quality
  • Can Be Solid For MMOs
  • Too Expensive
  • There Are Better, Exclusively MMO Mice On The Market

How To Choose An MMO Mouse

Picking the right MMO mouse for your needs doesn’t have to be that hard. Since these mice are used for MMOs and other slower-paced games they don’t have to include monstrous sensors with 20,000 DPI resolution. They also don’t have to be super light like those ultra-light gaming mice used for competitive shooters.

The most important things when looking for an MMO mouse are stuff like ergonomics, size of the mouse, or button layout. Check out buying guide found in our best wireless mice article. Those guides include virtually every important thing to think about when buying a mouse. And below you can find the most important things to focus on when specifically looking for an MMO mouse.

Is The Mouse Comfortable To Use And Is Its Size Right?

MMORPG games are known to take all of your free time. Gaming sessions can last for ten hours, often longer. That’s why the comfortability is the single most important part of every MMO mouse. The mouse has to be comfortable to use for long periods of time. If that’s not the case well, you should probably skip getting that mouse. Because, sooner or later, you will replace it with a model you can actually use for ten hours straight.

Next, we have the size. The mouse should fit your hands just right. It shouldn’t be so large that you’re having trouble reaching most buttons or so small that your hand gets dragged across the mouse pad. Because, in both cases, you will seriously consider replacing the mouse after a while. So, it’s very important to try out the mouse yourself if possible. Because having a mouse that’s not comfortable or that’s not the right size for you while playing some 10-hour dungeon is a perfect way to ruin your whole day.

And What About The Button Layout?

Next, we have the button layout. Like even the best gaming keyboards under $100 have rows of macro keys, gaming mice feature extra buttons. You have classic MMO mice that feature a ton of buttons on the left side panel and you have MMO mice that feature a bunch of buttons arranged all over the body of the mouse.

The first solution can be great for MMO games but less than optimal for other titles. Because it’s hard to press the button you need in a sliver of a second to melee someone or to throw a grenade. On the other hand, it’s easier to remember the button placement when playing an MMORPG because there, you usually have a couple of seconds to think about which button to press.

Because of that, MMO mice where buttons are all over the place are usually a better choice for gamers who play both MMO games and fast-paced shooters. They can use the (usually) two or three buttons placed on the left side panel and ignore the rest when not playing an MMO game. These mice take some time to get used to their button layout but are much better for games other than MMO compared to the regular MMO mice models.

You can also use a regular gaming mouse when playing MMO titles. Some gaming mice feature eight, nine, or even more buttons some of which can be used as macro buttons. That can be pretty handy while playing MMOs but these mice will also excel when playing other games. This is especially true for gaming mice with lots of buttons that are ultra-light and made for shooters. These will be great when playing shooters but will also feel pretty nice when playing an MMO.

The ultimate solution is to buy an MMO mouse with a swappable side panel. There are a couple of models that feature this and they are amazing. These mice can be used for any game because you can use its MMO button layout side panel for MMO games and then replace it with another side panel that features the usual back and forward buttons when playing any other game. This solution is niche and you’ll find just a couple of mice using it, but it’s the best solution overall. If you need an ultimate MMO mouse that can also be great for playing any other game, get a mouse with a swappable side panel.

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