What’s the Best Monitor Size for Gaming

When it comes to gaming monitors size does matter since it can either work to your advantage or make it harder for you to be aware of what is happening on your screen. The main arguments being made here are relevant only if you are focused on gaming since for content creation and general workflow preferences change quite drastically.

The 24’’ Sweet Spot

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the most popular gaming monitors are all 24’’(24.5’’ sometimes). The main reason for this choice in size is the fact that on this screen the 1080P resolution, which is extremely advantageous for having high FPS, has the highest pixel density and looks the best.

Because of this, most competitive gaming monitors, be it budget or premium, compete in the 24’’ category since the combination of high refresh rate, crisp images, and a size that allows you to see the screen fully is perfect for any gamer.

Esports competitions are being played on 24’’, pro players use 24’’ screens and it seems that this trend will not be reversed any time soon since it is extremely easy to get super high FPS which is a big plus for anybody trying to compete in gaming.

The Up-and-Coming Trend

Besides the 24’’ sweet spot another recent trend has been developing for gaming which is the usage of 27’’ 1440P monitors. The main reason for this change is the fact that the computational power of current GPUs is a lot higher therefore they can still push 200+ FPS in games even at 1440P resolutions.

The reason that 27’’ 1440P is the next sweet spot is once again because of pixel density. 1080P looks quite grainy on 27’’ (although still usable) therefore 1440P ends up being the next best thing in terms of clarity of image.

The 27’’ panels are quite nice for more casual gaming as well since you can benefit from technologies such as G-Sync and still have smooth images even on lower FPS with higher graphics.

The newer 27’’ 1440P monitors also are getting super fast with the 240Hz refresh rate being a norm already. These bigger monitors are also nice for people that like keeping their monitors a bit further away from them since they can then see the entire screen for similar visibility to a 24’’ panel without having it right in their face.

The No-Go Zone

Buying anything above 27’’ for gaming is quite unusual and unnecessary. The screen dimensions become too big, making it hard for you to see the entire screen reducing your awareness in games. In addition to that, bigger panels also have higher resolutions (4K) which are hard to drive even at 60FPS.

Considering that for the optimal gaming experience you would want at least 144Hz for a smooth image, going for something like a 32’’ monitor is overkill. These types of monitors are better suited for productivity work and media consumption.

Preferences do matter and if you are just a super casual couch gamer and want a big screen then you can definitely get a 32’’+ screen but for most gamers out there this option is not feasible.


The math here is simple:

24’’ 1080P – the most common size and resolution that has great pixel density and offers great awareness since you can see the entire screen. Amazing for competitive gaming.

27’’ 1440P – the newer trend that is gaining traction since modern GPUs can handle 200+FPS at 1440P. Viable if you like keeping your monitor further away resulting in similar awareness as with the 24’’ monitors. The pixel density is similar to that of 24’’ 1080P monitors but in a bigger form factor. Needs a beefy GPU (which might be hard to get for most people).

Anything beyond that – not recommended unless you have specific needs and wants. Most gamers that care about FPS should stay away from anything above 27’’.

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