The Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combos in 2021

If you need both a new keyboard and a mouse and you want to kill two birds with one stone, getting a keyboard and mouse combo can be a good idea. Especially if the combo is a wireless one. But the question arises, how to find the best wireless keyboard and mouse? Well, for starters, check out our list that includes some of the best wireless mouse and keyboard combos you can buy right now.

And If you end up not finding your favorite below scroll down to the end of this piece and read our buying guide that includes lots of handy info for buying the perfect wireless mouse and keyboard combo for your needs. Below you’ll find some very cool K&M combos. We have ergonomic combinations, basic combos for office work, and a couple of in-between choices. Let’s check them out.

logitech mx900 and mx master mouse combo
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 10 Days
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 70 Days
  • Keyboard Backlighting: Yes, Single Color
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: Laser, 4,000 DPI
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 7 Buttons

The MX900 package contains the K800 wireless keyboard and the MX 2S wireless mouse. The better part of this deal is clearly the MX 2S wireless mouse. While it isn’t the top of the line model (the MX Master 3 took that role), the MX 2S is still an excellent wireless mouse for any kind of work. Two scroll wheels combined with lots of programmable buttons are great when working in video editing apps or apps that feature lots of shortcuts.

Further, the MX 2S features top-notch build quality and its wireless performance is excellent. The mouse is also ergonomically designed and is great for long work sessions. Its rechargeable battery can last up to 70 days and its laser sensor works perfectly on any surface and has 4,000 DPI resolution. The second part of the combo, the K800 keyboard isn’t the flagship model like the MX Master 2S. Nevertheless, this keyboard is pretty good for typing while it also packs a few extra features that can come in handy.

First of all, you have adjustable backlighting that can be set to turn on only when your hands are over the keyboard. Next, the built-in wrist rest is pretty good and a large number of shortcuts on the function row will surely be helpful to some users. The keyboard features spotless wireless performance. Its battery can last for up to 10 days.

The only major downside of the K800 keyboard is its build quality, which is below par for a keyboard that’s part of one of the best wireless mouse and keyboard package on the market. Overall, this is an excellent keyboard and mouse combo for work. The mouse is one of the best there is and the keyboard isn’t the greatest when it comes to the build quality but it’s very comfortable for typing, which is the most important part of every keyboard.

  • MX Master 2S Is One Of The Best Wireless Mice Around
  • Keyboard Is Very Comfortable To Type On
  • Long Battery Life On The Mouse And Solid On The Keyboard
  • Excellent Wireless Performance On Both
  • Keyboard’s Build Quality Is Below Par
  • The Mouse Is Quite Heavy And Not Built For Lefties

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 Combo

The Best Budget Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

microsoft wireless desktop 900 combo
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 2 Years
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 2 Years
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: Undisclosed
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 3 Buttons

Those looking for a budget wireless keyboard and mouse combo should seriously consider the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900. It’s a budget K&M combo that aims at users who need something simple for their office or for work when at home. The keyboard feels solid for the price. Its build quality is decent and its keys feel pretty good when typing. Short travel distance and quiet performance make this keyboard an excellent choice for long typing sessions.

Another interesting feature offered by the keyboard is the AES 128-bit encryption that encrypts your keystrokes. If you don’t want for potential keyloggers and other malicious software to know what you’re typing this keyboard looks like a pretty good buy. The keyboard comes with a built-in wrist rest, which could’ve been longer. Also, it features three dedicated keys for controlling audio. When it comes to wireless performance, it’s excellent. The keyboard uses 2 AA batteries that can power it up to two years, which is a great result.

As for the mouse, it’s a basic wireless model. Build quality is decent, the performance is stable but not as fast as on gaming wireless mice. The mouse has only three buttons and you shouldn’t expect a lot from its sensor. On the other hand, the battery life (the mouse uses two AAA batteries) is about two years, which is impressive. Overall, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 Combo is an excellent choice for users on a budget. Both the keyboard and mouse are pretty basic but they get the work done, have solid build quality, stable wireless performance, and excellent battery life.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent Wireless Performance For The Price
  • Keyboard Includes AES 128-Bit Encryption To Encrypt Keystrokes
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • No Backlighting On The Keyboard
  • No Extra Keys On The Mouse

Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Combo

Excellent Combo For Users Looking For An Ergonomic Keyboard

logitech mk550 wireless wave keyboard and mouse combo
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 3 Years
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 2 Years
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: Laser, 1,000 DPI
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 5 Buttons

If you’re in the market for an ergonomic keyboard but also need a wireless mouse, check out the Logitech MK550 wireless K&M combo. It includes the K350 ergonomic Wave keyboard alongside the M510 wireless mouse equipped with a laser sensor. As for the mouse part of the combo, you get a nice-looking mouse with an ergonomic design. Still, this mouse isn’t made for lefties since its side-mounted back and forward buttons are found only on the left side of the mouse.

The build quality is pretty solid, like with almost every Logitech peripheral. It feels excellent in hand, thanks to its comfortable design and rubberized grips. The scroll wheel supports side-scrolling and you also get two extra keys on the sides (the aforementioned forward and back keys).

When it comes to performance, this mouse features a 1,000 DPI laser sensor that works great on virtually every surface. As for the wireless performance, it’s great thanks to the Logitech’s unified USB receiver used both by the mouse and keyboard. While far away from being a gaming mouse, the M510 is an excellent mouse for work.

The K350 Wave keyboard is the second part of the MK550 combo. It features an ergonomic design that should reduce strain on your wrists and fingers. Further, this keyboard is a thing of dreams for fans of keyboard shortcuts. On the flipside, the keys don’t feel very good when typing. The good thing is that wireless performance is stable and without any issues.

The build quality of the keyboard is pretty good, with a very comfortable wrist rest. Overall, the keyboard’s solid. It should offer some respite for users with aching fingers but the keycaps leave lots to be desired. The lack of backlighting is another noticeable downside.

Finally, the battery life on both devices is impressive. It can reach three years for the keyboard (2xAA) and two years for the mouse (2xAA). Overall, this is an excellent wireless keyboard and mouse combo for the price. The keyboard is comfortable and has a ton of extra keys while the mouse is great for work and features superb wireless performance.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Excellent Wireless Performance
  • The Wave Keyboard Eases Strain In Wrists And Fingers
  • The Keyboard Features Immense Number Of Extra Keys
  • Keycaps Feel Cheap
  • Keyboard Doesn’t Have Any Backlighting

Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

A Solid Budget Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

dell km636 wireless keyboard mouse combo
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 1 Year
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 1 Year
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: Undisclosed
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 3 Buttons

The Dell KM636 K&M combo is all about being as affordable as possible. The build quality of the keyboard is passable. There’s flex but not too much and while the plastic is cheap the keyboard feels like it can survive for some time. While typing is relatively comfortable the wireless performance can get laggy on occasion, so watch about that.

On the other hand, the keyboard has an excellent design. Slim profile and chicklet keys that feature grey and blue lettering look slick as hell. Do note that the keyboard is angled on default and you cannot lower it, which can be an issue for some users. The mouse also follows minimalistic office design and looks even better than the keyboard. We like its looks and its build quality isn’t bad either. Not great but pretty solid for the price.

The performance is passable. The sensor isn’t the most accurate (the exact specs aren’t shared by Dell) but it’s good enough for office use and work. Just don’t even think about gaming with this one. When it comes to battery life, both the keyboard and mouse have up to 12 months of life with two AA (keyboard) or two AAA batteries (mouse), which are included in the package. Overall, this is a nice looking budget wireless K&M combo that’s a good choice for work and office use.

  • Both Devices Feature Slick Design
  • Keyboard Is Comfortable To Type On
  • Keyboard Includes Media Control Keys
  • No Backlighting On Keyboard
  • Wireless Performance Could’ve Been More Stable

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Best Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

kensington pro fit ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 2 Years
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 2 Years
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: 1,600 DPI
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 5 Buttons

Here we have a K&M combo that features both an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. Let’s start with the mouse. It features a vertical design that should put your wrist in a more natural position, noticeably reducing wrist strain.

It fits great into hand thanks to the wide padding for the palm placed on the right side of the mouse. Build quality is excellent for this price point. There is some creaking when you press the mouse as hard as you can but nothing that looks or sounds worrying.

The performance of the mouse is pretty solid. You have an optical sensor featuring a resolution of 1,600 DPI. More than enough for work, even playing some games. Wireless connectivity is stable, without any lag.

The keyboard is also sculpted to reduce wrist strain. It features a very comfortable wrist rest that’s amazing to use. The typing experience is pretty good. Keys are a bit squishy and, while not as good as on the premium ergonomic keyboards, they are enjoyable to type on. The only issue is that keys are too cramped on the keyboard, which can lead to more typos than what you’re used to.

Wireless performance is spotless most of the time. There is a chance you’ll notice lag or missed key presses. This keyboard also features reverse tilt, which reduces strain on your wrist and fingers even more. While it looks like a gimmick after you try it you’ll notice that using the reverse tilt really can help.

When it comes to battery life, both the keyboard and the mouse can last years on a single pair of AA batteries. Finally, both devices can use the provided 2.4GHz dongle (which supports 128-bit AES encryption) and Bluetooth. This allows users to quickly switch between two devices, which is always a plus. Overall, this is a very good ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse combo that will make typing and general work more comfortable, especially if you spend hours each day typing on your keyboard.

  • Both Keyboard And Mouse Are Very Comfortable To Use
  • Reversible Tilt Is Great For Your Wrists And Fingers
  • Long Battery Life On Both Devices
  • Both Keyboard And Mouse Can Be Paired With Up To Two Devices At Once
  • USB Dongle Supports 128-bit AES Encryption
  • Wireless Connection Can Be Spotty
  • Cramped Key Layout Can Lead To More Typos
  • Keys Are A Bit Squishy
  • No Backlighting On Keyboard

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Slick Looking And Affordable Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

logitech mk345 wireless combo
  • Keyboard Battery Life: Up To 4 Years
  • Mouse Battery Life: Up To 18 Months
  • Keyboard Backlighting: No
  • Mouse Sensor Specs: 1,000 DPI
  • Number Of Buttons On The Mouse: 3 Buttons

The MK345 from Logitech is another budget wireless keyboard and mouse combo, but this one looks better than the rest. This is especially true for the keyboard, that features slick, lowkey gamer design. The only thing we don’t like is glossy borders that don’t fit the rest of the keyboard. Build quality is excellent and the keys feel firm and with pleasant feedback.

The built-in wrist rest is slightly textured and provides excellent wrist support when typing. The typing experience is enjoyable but it’s not as enjoyable as on some ergonomic keyboards. If you are a heavy typist it’s better to check ergonomic keyboard choices.

Wireless performance is stable most of the time but it can be spotty from time to time, especially if you don’t have a clean line of sight between the USB dongle and the keyboard. On the other hand, battery life is amazing. The keyboard can last up to four years with a pair of AAA batteries while the mouse can last up to a year and a half on one AA battery.

As for the mouse, it features excellent build quality and a subtle ergonomic design that provides support for the palm and the thumb. It’s on the smaller side so watch if you have a really large pair of hands. This mouse might be too small for you. While it is small, its performance is excellent. The wireless connectivity is better than on the keyboard but it still can bug out for a half a second once in a while. Nothing serious though.

The optical sensor features a resolution of 1,000 DPI. This is more than enough for any kind of work and is precise enough for light gaming. The mouse comes with just three basic buttons, which is a bit underwhelming since many budget mice nowadays come with at least five buttons. Overall, this is another excellent budget wireless K&M combo that is well built and a joy to use. The only major downside is the fact that wireless performance on the keyboard can be spotty.

  • Slick Design
  • Comfortable To Use
  • The Mouse Provides Excellent Thumb And Palm Support
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Wireless Performance Can Be Spotty At Times
  • Keyboard Doesn’t Feature Any Backlighting

How To Choose A Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Now that we’ve covered the best wireless keyboard and mouse combos, let’s talk about the most important things to focus on when in the market for one. For in-depth guides regarding wireless keyboards and mice and their tech specs and features, check out our best wireless keyboard and wireless mice lists. Below, we’ll cover only a couple of specific points regarding wireless keyboard and mouse combos.

We Don’t Recommend Getting A K&M Combo For Gaming

While there are K&M combos that target gamers, even combos featuring mechanical keyboards, we don’t recommend getting one. While having a solid keyboard and mouse that do have some quirks and issues is totally fine if you’re using the pair for work, gaming hardware has to be perfect for your needs.

You wouldn’t get a mouse that’s too large or too small for you. Or one that doesn’t include specific keys you use in your favorite games, such as back and forward keys that can be used for melee attacks and throwing grenades, or the sniper button that automatically reduces DPI to allow for more precise shots.

And imagine getting a keyboard with mushy keys, or a membrane keyboard even though they aren’t the best choice for fast-paced games. You see, these are the type of compromises when buying a keyboard and mouse combo so we don’t recommend getting one for gaming. Your gaming peripherals have to be tailored exactly for your needs, with zero compromises.

Instead of getting a combo, get a budget gaming mouse and a budget gaming keyboard. Some amazing budget gaming peripherals can be bought for the same amount of money as a gaming K&M combo.

Read User Reviews And Make Sure That Both Devices Work As Intended

The second important thing to do while scouring for your next wireless keyboard and mouse combo is making sure that both devices work as intended. There’s a wide range of issues that can impair your experience. For instance, one device might have excellent wireless performance while the other could have lag and uneven connection.

Next, one device might have noticeably better (or worse) build quality. Or in case you’re looking for an ergonomic K&M combo, one device might not be the most comfortable to use. As you can see, the number of potential issues is quite large, so make sure and search user reviews to find potential issues with performance, uneven quality, or something else.

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