A Quick Way to Compare Mice Shapes

Your mouse is your main input device therefore it determines to a certain degree how well you will perform in your FPS games. A mouse shape that fits your grip style well will complement your aiming skills and will work with you instead of against you.

The best way to understand if a mouse will fit your grip style is to have it in your hand, but since not all of us can buy a bunch of mice every month a more practical way to compare niche mouse shapes are sites like RTINGS and EloShapes.

Mice 3D Shape Compare Tool

The best way to figure out the shape of a mouse and compare it with other mice you own is through the RTINGS Mice 3D Shape Compare Tool. The reason this is the best tool is that it gives you a 3D model you can stack or compare side by side with a familiar mouse shape.

rtings mice size comparison

The downside of this tool is that it does not have many mouse models scanned making it useless if you cannot find your desired mouse or a familiar comparison in the list that is provided. If you do however find your mouse model the 3D shape gives you a better representation of how the mouse looks in real life and how it will feel in your hand.


On the other hand, a very popular tool to compare mice and their shapes is EloShapes. This tool offers you the base specs and dimensions through a simple 2D model that is stacked on top of each other for each mouse you have selected.


While lacking compared to a full 3D model, EloShapes has virtually any niche mouse that has been released on the market (I was comparing G-Wolves HSK, HSK Plus, HSK Pro 4K mice) making it easier to find the information you need.

The site does offer basic adjustments to the comparison where you can choose the vertical and horizontal alignment to give you a better idea of how the mice would feel in your hand. In short, if you cannot find your mouse shape on the RTINGS compare tool your next best option is EloShapes with its simple but massive database.


  1. The best way to compare mice is to have them both in your hands
  2. RTINGS Mice 3D Shape Compare Tool – great 3D models but limited database
  3. EloShapes – simple 2D models but amazing database

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