Corsair MM350 – A Traditional Cloth Pad

If you have read any of our other mousepad reviews you might have noticed that we usually go for some of the most interesting pads with unique surfaces or special qualities on the market.

We have looked at mousepads like the Cordura pads, the MP510/MPC450, or premium pads like the Artisan Hien mid. All of these as said before have very unique traits and feel special straight from the unboxing.

But what if you are someone that is not looking for something super exclusive and just wants a basic, solid cloth mousepad for daily use and gaming? Well, you are in luck because today I will review the Corsair MM350XL, a contender for that title!


Since we are talking about a pretty basic mousepad, I had no big expectations when it comes to the packaging of the MM350. Even the XL version comes rolled in a pretty basic box and has troubles with staying flat on the table.

corsair mm350 package

The rubber base is somewhat flexible and the pad unrolls itself after a day or two, but this could have been avoided if they used a flat packaging method.

Overall a very unexciting experience unboxing the mousepad.


The surface of the Corsair MM350 gaming mousepad is exactly what you would expect from the majority of the pads on the market. It is a soft, smooth weave that is inoffensive and will most likely suit 99% of the people that would want to use this mousepad.

The weave and texture of the mousepad make it a pretty control-oriented pad. Although not as slow as full control/mud pads like the SteelSeries QCK or the Zowie GSR. This allows you to have a lot of control over your flicks and fast movements since you have a lot of static and kinetic friction on the pad.

corsair mm350 surface

This pad would fit well with games like CS:GO or Valorant where the main aiming technique you are using is flicking and switching, therefore, the slowness of the pad works to your advantage.

On the other hand, tracking on the pad feels like going through a mud puddle, and because of the high friction surface, it always feels like you need to fight the pad for your cursor to follow your target precisely.

If you play games like Apex Legends or COW:MW then this pad is not really suited for you.

I would still take the Corsair MM350 mouse pad over pads like the QCK because even if slow, the smooth surface kind of allows you to make micro-adjustments while aiming. On a full control pad, this will be impossible because of the extremely high friction.

The mousepad will not last you very long (3 months for me) since cloth pads like these tend to start slowing down significantly when used constantly. In this case especially since the mousepad has a design on it, therefore is coated, once the coating starts rubbing off the pad will slow down heavily.

Overall the MM350 is a solid, classic cloth pad with a lot of stopping power and a smooth feeling surface that most gamers will identify as ok to use. Is it something I would personally use after trying pads like the Artisan Hien? No.


You get the drill. The stitching on the MM350 is unexceptional as with everything about this mousepad. It is somewhat neat but it does bulge over the edge so you can feel it when swiping your arm around the pad.

corsair mm350 with logo

It does keep the pad together though so that is always a good thing to see for the longevity of your mousepad.

Overall, I have seen worse stitching in terms of quality so even if you can clearly feel it, it is still better than not having any stitching at all.

Rubber Base

The rubber base on the Corsair MM350 gaming mousepad is standard. It is not particularly flexible or stiff and it falls in the category of mediocre once again.

corsair mm350 back

It does keep the pad on the table when gaming but you can slide it around with enough force.

It is basically hard to blame the rubber base because it is doing what it needs to do well enough to where you should not care about it. Hang on rubber base – both figuratively and literally!

Pricing & Availability

The biggest advantage of this mousepad is its price and availability. You can get a Corsair MM350 XL for 20-30$ at any given time, anywhere in the world. These have been mainstream mousepads for a long time and you can go to most local tech stores and find them there.

The next best thing is that there are almost always sales going on with basic mousepads like the MM350 and the QCK so you can almost always get them for even cheaper. Hurray for capitalism!


Although the Corsair MM350 gaming mousepad will definitely not be winning any awards for being one of the best mouse pads, and it will most likely not be mentioned by most tech reviewers, it is not a bad pad overall.

If you want the same classic feel of a slow/control mouse pad that has some interesting graphics on it, is available everywhere, and costs pennies, then the MM350 is the pad for you.

Review Summary

The Corsair MM350 gaming mousepad is a classic cloth pad with a controlled glide. The pad has decent stitching and a decent rubber base that will keep your pad stable while gaming. You will not experience any big surprises with this mousepad, but for many, this is exactly the type of pad they want!

  • Surface 6.0
  • Pricing 10
  • Stitching 6.0


  • Good price and availability
  • Unique design on the pad
  • Controlled glide


  • The stitching is far from the best
  • The durability of the mousepad is low

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