How to Customize Your OBS Interface With Docks

Streaming is all about delivering the best possible viewing experience by staying on top of technical things like webcam angle and microphone quality but if you fail to interact with your chat by reading their donations or subscriptions chances are your viewership will drop.

This is simply because no amount of bitrate and good video quality will make up for a boring stream. To make sure you can monitor both the technical aspects of your stream and also have interaction tools OBS has added the ability to add docks right on top of the usual interface.

This allows you to see your mic gain, webcam view, chat, activity feed, and many more things at a single glance instead of having them spread out in different browser tabs.

OBS Custom Docks

You might have noticed that OBS already has integrated docks like chat, stats, audio mixer, etc. These make the overall monitoring of your stream quite a bit easier since information is displayed right next to your OBS preview.

obs docks

The neat thing about the OBS dock feature is that you are not limited to only the options that OBS has included since you can import any browser dock you find on your Twitch dashboard or StreamElements/Streamlabs dashboards.

create custom obs dock

All you have to do is open the same Docks tab and click on the Custom Browser Docks. Go to the site from where you want to import the dock, click on the pop-out option and copy the URL from the address bar into OBS.

obs import docks

After clicking Apply your new dock will pop out asking you to log into your Twitch account. Once you are done the widget will connect to your channel and will be ready to be pinned somewhere in your OBS interface.

obs twitch login

You can import as many of these as you want from wherever you want as long as they offer you insights and quick actions that you can take while streaming. With enough of these docks, you can create your unique overlay that will allow you to manage your stream from OBS entirely!

example of custom obs docks

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