Endgame Gear MPC450 Stealth Mousepad Review – The 20 Euro Wonder Pad!

What if I told you that the age of overly expensive gaming gear is over, and budget options for keyboards, mice, and mousepads have become so high quality that the only thing that is budget-friendly about them is the price?

If you don’t believe me just yet, I will change your mind with the review of the Endgame Gear MPC 450 (Stealth) mousepad – the 20 Euro wonder pad!


The packaging for the MPC450 mousepad is a pleasant surprise as the pad comes flat-packed in a nice, neat box. This is extremely important for this pad specifically because the mousepad is made out of Cordura fabric (more on that later in the article) which is known to have issues laying flat once rolled up.

endgame gear mpc450 stealth mousepad package

This is the case for many other Cordura pads like the MP510 and the SPC Gear Endorphy Cordura Speed. I have owned both of these mousepads, and unlike the MPC 450 that laid flat on my table from the very start, I have had many troubles with the other pads.

This is because Cordura is a very tough fabric and once rolled up it tends to try to stay that way.

Another big issue with Cordura and rolling the mousepads up is the fact that sometimes Cordura is so tough it unsticks itself from the rubber base creating bubbles/creases on the surface of the mousepad. None of these issues are present on the MPC450.

For a 20 Euro pad, the Endgame Gear MPC 450 mousepad is packed like a premium product and deserves a huge thumbs-up!


The most incredible thing about reviewing the Endgame Gear MPC 450 mousepad is its surface. The mousepad is made using Cordura fabric which is a special type of extremely durable cloth that boasts things like dust and waterproof capabilities.

endgame gear mpc450 stealth mousepad with logo

Because of the roughness of the Cordura fabric, the MPC450 is considered a fast pad, therefore, to make full use of it you need to have decent mouse control.

The mousepad truly shines when used for games like Apex Legends or Overwatch, but I have used it for slow-paced games like Valorant and CS:GO and it feels just as good!

The Cordura surface is also pretty rough but the weave on the MPC450 is tight therefore the pad doesn’t necessarily feel abrasive. Like always, I use my mouse pads with an arm sleeve on and have had no issues with the MPC450 whatsoever.

An interesting quirk of the Cordura surface on the MPC450 is the fact that there seems to be a bit more static & kinetic friction while moving your mouse around compared to a full speed/hard pad therefore technically you get a bit more control over your movement.

Overall the feel of the surface is definitely different than a normal cloth pad and takes time to get used to. Since I have used other Cordura pads extensively and have played on even faster pads (Artisan Hien mid softness) to me this was not necessarily a new experience and it only took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of.


When it comes to the stitching of the Endgame Gear MPC450 mousepad, the only word that comes to mind is “decent”. There is nothing exceptional about it, it is not extremely tight nor neat.

endgame gear mpc450 stealth mousepad surface

It also does not necessarily get in the way of your hand movements, but you can definitely tell it is there. At the same time, a thing that was annoying me from the very start is the thread used for the stitching.

When gliding with an arm sleeve over the stitching it seems to always get some threads caught and in just 2 weeks of usage there are threads sticking out everywhere.

Overall the stitching is not the greatest and is definitely an area where the MPC450 can use some work, but then again you need to remember that this pad costs ONLY 20 Euros/18 Pounds which is insane!

I would say that for the price of the mousepad I could live with the not-so-great stitching on it!

Rubber Base

The rubber base on the MPC450 is solid and offers enough grip to keep the pad static on the table even during intense arm movements. It seems to be just a standard rubber base which left me with no special impression, but that does not mean it is bad in any way.

endgame gear mpc450 stealth mousepad back

It simply does what it’s made for and it does it well enough to the point where you shouldn’t care about it. I tested the base on 3 different wooden surfaces and 2 glass ones and the pad did not move when I was frantically flaying my arm around.

A solid rubber base.

Pricing & Availability

At this point in the review, you should probably know that the biggest factor in recommending this mousepad is the price to performance ratio. A high-quality Cordura mousepad for 20 Euros is just insanely good.

Considering the fact that this mousepad will outlive any other pad you have since Cordura can last YEARS before showing any signs of slowing down, paying a measly 20 Euros is just absurd.

The less appealing aspect of this mousepad is the fact that the company is based in the U.K therefore availability is mostly limited to the EU. For people living in the EU, this obviously is not a big issue, but for people in NA or other regions, this pad is pretty hard to get.

Endgame Gear did state that they are working on fixing the availability issues though so sit tight and wait for things to get sorted out!


The Endgame Gear MPC450 is an absolute steal for the quality it provides. It has an incredibly long lifespan and provides top-quality performance. When you factor in the price for such a pad, getting one becomes a no-brainer.

Even if you do not like speed pads, or if you have never tried a Cordura pad, I would suggest getting an MPC450 for the culturing experience and broadening of horizons.

So instead of spending money on some chicken nuggets, put that money aside and get an MPC450!

Review Summary

The Endgame Gear MPC450 is an exceptional mousepad with a unique surface that allows it to last extremely long, protects it from dust, and even allows the pad to be waterproof. The mousepad is also extremely well priced at 20 Euros and represents one of the best deals for a great mousepad currently!

  • Surface 9.0
  • Pricing 10
  • Stitching 7.0


  • Extremely good price
  • Unique surface with amazing durability
  • Comes flat-packed


  • The stitching needs to be improved
  • Limited availability for other regions outside of the EU

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