G-Wolves HSK Review – The Progenitor of True Fingertip Mice

The market for small fingertip mice has been stale for quite a while with most mice being quite big and unruly for this specific grip style. Luckily as of late more and more mice like the Glorious Model O-, Xtrfy MZ1, and Razer Viper Mini have come out to fill out the gap for small lightweight mice that are most suited for fingertip grip.

At the same time, looking at the shapes of those mice it is clear that they are made to suit at least another grip style (usually claw grip) so these mice are not necessarily specifically made for fingertip grip, it is simply that they work well with it.

Most companies tend to not make a mouse with a shape that is only inclined to one type of grip since that limits the potential market for said mouse. In this type of stale market, it is pretty hard to innovate and commit to something that you know will not fit the majority of users, but here comes G-Wolves.

G-Wolves decided to ignore all of that and create a mouse that is basically the perfect shape, size, and weight for all the fingertip grippers that are struggling out there to find a main mouse – the G-Wolves HSK.

Shape & Size

Obviously, the most controversial aspect of this mouse is the shape and size which by all standards is tiny. This is what happens when you take a mouse, cut it in half, and add a hump at the back. The hump is quite tall and is there to help your fingertip grip in gaining a bit of control by laying your knuckle bones on it. That is the best way of explaining the shape of the HSK.

This shape and size will only work with a fingertip grip since it is basically impossible to claw or palm grip this mouse. The shape allows for a lot of flexibility since you can push the mouse all the way back into your palm for micro-adjustments during aiming, and when in need of control for smooth tracking you can always let your hand kind of lay on the tall hump.

g-wolves hsk top view

For fingertip grip, this feels extremely natural since nothing but your fingers are touching the mouse anyways so the mouse being tiny is actually quite a benefit. The main clicks have a little bit of a groove along with a microscopic grove on the sides for an easier time maneuvering the mouse.

Considering the shape and size I would recommend you use the included grip tape or your custom grip tape to give you a bit more control over your mouse.


When it comes to the sensor there is not much to say since the G-Wolves HSK uses a PMW 3389 which is a flawless sensor with 0 acceleration and 0 delays. It tracks pixel perfect and with the G-Wolves implementation has low LOD and a stable 1000Hz polling rate (tested and plotted out with Mouse Tester).

g-wolves hsk mouse tester cpi

There were initial issues with the firmware and software of the HSK in the first batch but with the second batch mice and the updates released on the official G-Wolves site the HSK that I am using feels flawless in all aspects of sensor performance.

Switches & Mouse Buttons

Another reason the HSK can be considered an end-game product is the fact that it uses Kailh 8.0 switches and the main clicks are tensioned perfectly. It has been a while since I could honestly say that I was impressed by the stock clicks on a mouse, moreover, the clicks on the HSK can be compared to the MZ1 (which is known for having heavenly crispy clicks) or better.

Honestly, this was an unexpected turn of events since I thought nothing would top the Xtrfy MZ1 in this aspect but here we are with this tiny mouse taking the crown (for now).

One thing to note about the HSK though is that it lacks side buttons so if you are someone that likes to use them in games or for extra keybinds you will not be able to do so on this mouse.

Mouse Feet

The mouse feet on the G-Wolves HSK were an interesting experience. When I peeled off the blue film and slid the mouse across my Artisan Hien for the first time these felt like the scratchiest mouse feet I have ever laid my hands upon.

After using it a bit on the Hien and then switching to the rougher Endgame Gear MPC450 (Cordura pad) to wear in the feet a bit faster these have finally smoothened out nicely, becoming quite good.

g-wolves hsk bottom

In terms of smoothness and glide after a bit of use, these are definitely above average in terms of gaming mice but fall short of true buttery smoothness that are Corepad skates or any other aftermarket skates.

My advice is to give the mouse a good hour of intensive swiping around and this should solve most issues with the mouse feet. Unless you are spoiled by constantly using aftermarket feet there is no real reason to swap the stock G-Wolves PTFE feet.


If there is one downside to this mouse then that is the Paracord-like cable that G-Wolves put on the HSK. This is by no means a bad stock cable when compared to other mice out there but considering the special shape and weight of the mouse (tiny mouse that weighs only 38g) the stock cable is just not cutting it.

g-wolves hsk cable

The cable is quite stiff and thick therefore during motion you can feel resistance while performing certain movements making the mouse feel heavier than what it actually is. My advice is to paracord this mouse ASAP because this will lead to a MUCH better experience overall.

When ordering a paracord for the G-Wolves HSK also make sure to indicate the model of the mouse or simply ask that they use a JST 1.25 connector because the HSK does not use the standard JST 2.0 connector.

The 1.25 is smaller therefore G-Wolves probably opted to use this type of connection for their PCB in order to save as much weight as possible. If you want to reuse an old paracord you will have to cut the connector from the stock cable and solder it to the new paracord cable.

Build Quality & Packaging

The overall build quality of the mouse is unexpectedly good. The shell of this tiny mouse is rock solid and feels like you would need an insane amount of force for it to cave in. The mouse wheel feels nice and crisp with defined steps and the coating on the mouse is pleasant to the touch.

The mouse might feel a bit slippery for certain users so applying the included grips or your own custom ones is encouraged. The way the HSK looks is also quite unique with the transparent shell in different colors therefore it scores extra points for nice visuals.

Another thing worth mentioning when it comes to the G-Wolves HSK is the packaging it comes in. Unlike every other mouse out there, G-Wolves mice come in a little tin that has the mouse and also extra mouse feet, grips, an extra mouse wheel ring, and a brush for cleaning your mouse.

g-wolves hsk package

This adds quite a bit to the unboxing experience and scores an extra couple of points from the very beginning with most people.


The HSK comes with its unique software that allows you to set up the usual parameters you would want to customize. You can change your DPI and the functionality of your mouse buttons from the main page, while on the advanced page you can also set the LOD, polling rate, and debounce time.

g-wolves hsk software
g-wolves hsk software 2

You also have a separate macro page where you can set up a macro list if you wish to do so. The software is lightweight and does everything you would need from the mouse therefore receives the seal of approval.

g-wolves hsk software mouse profile


With all of this said it is clear that this is quite the mouse when it comes to overall build quality and performance. Honestly even I didn’t expect it to be this solid therefore I assume most users will be pleasantly surprised with the package they are getting.

This is 100% not a mouse for everyone since the shape and size are only usable by fingertip grip users and even some of them might be dissatisfied by the lack of side buttons on the HSK. If you are looking for a very well-built mouse that weighs almost nothing (38g) and are willing to paracord it for the best possible experience then the HSK is the mouse for you no doubt. If any of the above sound cumbersome to you then maybe this is just not the mouse for you.

Review Summary

The G-Wolves HSK is the dream mouse for most fingertip grip users with the shape and size made specifically for them while also retaining stellar build quality and feel. This is a mouse specialized for a certain audience so if you are not a fingertip gripper looking for an ultra-lightweight mouse you are most likely not in the target audience.

  • Performance 10
  • Shape 10 for fingertip users 3 for everyone else
  • Value 10


  • The shape limits this mouse to a certain audience
  • The lack of side buttons might be a problem for certain users
  • The stock cable is not perfect and if you are spoiled by paracords you will need to change it 100%


  • Might take a long time to get to you because of slow AliExpress shipping

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