GFuel vs GamerSupps vs Sneak vs Monster and Redbull

Gaming is nothing like the simple hobby that you had before and has transformed into a true competitive sport. Just having fun is not the reason people play games and with this change of mentality a lot of other smaller changes took place.

Nowadays if you want to play games and be good (a.k.a compete) you need to have as many advantages as you can. You need the lightest mouse that can fit your grip style, you need the best mousepad, monitor, a good chair, etc.

With this in mind, a lot of attention has started being paid to health and obviously supplements that gamers can take to perform their best. For gamers supplements mostly come in the form of drinks like GFuel, Gamersupps, Sneak, and (a more traditional energy drinks) Monster/Redbull.

GFuel vs Monster and Redbull

Let us get the big one out of the way – GFuel and all the other energy drink supplements do not equate to the same drinks as Monster or Redbull. The main reason for this is the ingredients in traditional energy drinks.

To keep you going these energy drinks use a lot of sugar and other not-so-good additives that allow you to boost your energy output for a while but result in a quick energy crush right after.

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Unlike energy drinks, these gaming energy formulas take health effects into account so if we had to choose one between the two we would go with GFuel/Sneak/GamerSupps over Monster/Redbull.

GamerSupps vs GFuel vs Sneak – What Are These Drinks?

Gaming is a pretty intense task that consumes a lot more energy than people would think. This is because gaming at a high level of competitive gameplay requires a lot of focus and energy.

Your brain uses the most energy out of your entire body therefore it is normal to feel drained after 3-4 hours of intensive gaming.

To help gamers with focus and energy companies such as GFuel, GamerSupps and Sneak have been creating special formula drinks that use ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin B to get your body going.

These drinks are basically supplements that a lot of gamers take in order to perform better!

GamerSupps vs GFuel vs Sneak – Better Alternatives?

The truth when comparing these supplement drinks is that none of them are super good and are a must to perform. The reality is that this gamer supplement market is pretty new and all of the big players like GFuel vs GamerSupps vs Sneak are using a lot of flashy marketing and branding to attract attention.

As time will go the market will progress and as with the normal sports supplement market, the diversity and the quality will go higher.

For now, the safest option is to turn to the sports market for energizing supplements since those have been out for longer, have been under scrutiny for longer, and also have a full disclosed list of ingredients that are constantly monitored.

An even simpler option is to go to your local doctor and ask for multivitamin blends and supplement it with coffee to achieve the same toeffect of the GFuel/Sneak/GamerSupps but with ingredients that can be 100% trusted and have 0 risks.

In the end, you need to understand that energy drinks are energy drinks, and as healthy as they try to be there are always caveats.

GamerSupps vs Gfuel vs Sneak – Which One Is Better?

Let us presume that all of the options mentioned on top are unavailable (a highly unlikely situation) so you NEED to choose a gamer energy drink – which one do you go for?

sneak gamers drink with bottle

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Looking at the main 3 energy drinks the main competition is between GFuel and Sneak because these 2 brands have a fully disclosed list of ingredients. GamerSupps slacks behind because they use a proprietary ingredient list that doesn’t even tell you how much caffeine it has in one serving.

If you are looking for the best option, knowing what you are putting in your body is a must, therefore goodbye GamerSupps.

When it comes to GFuel vs Sneak there are a couple of similarities but also big differences regarding their approach.

GFuel has crammed their product with vitamins and has doses that go over 500% of what your daily intake should be, while Sneak does the opposite including only 10-15% of your daily intake per serving.

The truth here is that more is not always better and your body will only absorb as much as it needs to be active while the rest will simply be digested and thrown out.

Sneak’s approach seems a lot more moderate and makes somewhat more sense when it comes to boosting energy. Sneak also had a full ingredient list from the get-go which inspires more faith in their products, while GFuel only recently changed to a full label while in the past using a proprietary label just like GamerSupps.

The caffeine level in both GFuel vs Sneak is about 150 mg and the range of vitamins is pretty close – so the big difference as mentioned before is in the quantity of vitamins in their drinks.

Another area in which Sneak wins is in the taste department. Although both brands have similar tasting products the main difference is the chalkiness/powdery taste that GFuel has.

This is because with GFuel you have to use a lot of powder per serving and not all of it dissolves in the water. This leads to powder always being at the bottom of your shaker and the chalky aftertaste.

Overall it seems that until GamerSupps fixes their label and GFuel fixes their quantities and powdery taste if you had no choice, you might as well drink Sneak as a gaming supplement.

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This is the kind of straight forwardness I appreciate, great article.