How to Add Roles in Discord?

Discord is an application with great expandability and relatively few issues, but what makes it so popular are the baked-in features that allow its users to create and manage their communities effectively.

Today we will discuss one of the features that sets apart Discord from its competition – the ability to add roles creating a clear segmentation of what people can and cannot do in your server!

How to Add Roles in Discord

The main reason people add roles in their Discords is to give out elevated privileges to people that can be trusted and to incentivize the newer people to participate in the community more so they can acquire a higher rank.

Adding roles in Discord is a very straightforward process. First, you need to access the server settings by clicking on the name of the server.

discord server settings

From the new menu, you need to select the roles tab which will give you all of the tools you need to complete your task.

discord roles

From there you can create new roles, edit old roles, and select what are the permissions for each role. For the edit button to show up like in the screenshot below you need to be hovering over the role you want to edit!

discord create role

After you have created enough roles you should spend some time thinking about which roles get what permissions. When you have made your decisions, hover over each role to make the edit button visible and select the second tab called Permissions.

You should go through the entire list to make sure each role gets exactly the level of permissions you want. If you made a mistake in the process you can go back to the top of the list and use the Clear permissions button to reset your process and start over.

discord clear permissions

This is all you need to know on the topic of how to add roles in Discord! Have fun customizing your community and don’t forget to use silly names for each new role you make!

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