How to Archive Twitch Streams?

If you are streaming on Twitch regularly and want to increase your follower count and sub count you need to make sure your stream suffers from no technical difficulties.

An easy way to do this is to check your VODs after your stream for quality control. You can see how loud your microphone is, how clear your webcam feed is, and you can monitor the overall quality of your stream from start to end.

To make sure you can benefit from this neat tool you need to turn on the option of saving your Twitch VODs in your settings.

How to Archive Twitch Streams?

To automatically store past VODs on the Twitch platform you need to head over to your Creator Dashboard (click on your avatar icon in the top right corner of the Twitch page).

From there go to the Settings menu, select Stream, and simply enable the Store past broadcasts option.

archive twitch streams
Even with this setting enabled there are still certain limitations depending on the type of broadcaster you are on the Twitch platform. As explained on this official Twitch page, most users will have their VODs stored only for 14 days.

The exceptions to this rule are Twitch Prime users, and also people that have achieved the Partner status. They receive a 60-day storage period.

twitch tiers

If you do want to keep your VOD for longer than 14 days you can download it from the VOD manager and use it as footage that way!

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