How to Find Your Steam ID?

Your Steam ID is a unique identification code that can come in handy whenever you need to connect your account to a third-party website. It can also be used to easily send your profile to other users, invite friends, and more. As a result, every user has a unique 17 digit code linked to their account. And today, we’re going to find out how to find your Steam ID in a few very simple steps.

Find Your Steam ID: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Launch Steam

Step 2: Hover over your username and open your Profile

find your steam id

Step 3: Copy the 17 digits that appear at the end of the link located at the top section of the page

steam id

Usually, this extremely simple process gets the job done for most users. However, it’s not uncommon to follow these steps and yet still not see the Steam ID appearing. This is completely normal and luckily, there is a way to fix this as well.

If you still don’t see your Steam ID, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on Steam in the left top corner of the client

Step 2: Click on Settings

steam settings

Step 3: Click on Interface

Step 4: Locate where it says “Display Steam URL address bar when available” and make sure that it is ticked

steam settings interface

Step 5: Finally, click on OK and repeat the steps from above to check if the 17 digit ID now appears

So, whenever someone asks for your Steam ID, this is how you can find it if it appears instantly with the first process we discussed. If it doesn’t appear then, simply follow the next order of steps and it should always fix the issue. After that, your Steam ID will always appear on your Steam profile and you will never have to repeat the secondary process.

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