How to Fix Dropped Frames in Streamlabs OBS

There is nothing quite as annoying as when you are happily streaming and then you notice that your Streamlabs OBS is dropping frames making a mess of your broadcast.

This will not happen very often, but in case you do have dropped frames with Streamlabs OBS there are a couple of things you can try to fix this situation.

How to Fix Dropped Frames Streamlabs OBS

Streaming Settings

One of the main reasons you might be getting dropped frames in Streamlabs OBS is because your hardware is too weak for the settings you have dialed in. You need to make sure you dial in the best possible streaming settings for your own build and internet speed.

Depending on your hardware you might need to lower your video resolution, use a lower level of filtering, or even drop your bitrate to lower the overall quality of the stream.

This might not feel the best, since everyone wants their stream to look as good as it can be, but if you are dropping frames and the stream is unwatchable anyway, you might as well sacrifice some pixels right?

Once you have adjusted your settings check for dropped frames in Streamlabs OBS to confirm the issue is gone.

PC & Streamlabs OBS issues

Besides the settings inside of your Streamlabs OBS, it is important to make sure that your PC is running fine as well.

Clean your PC so no overheating happens, clean up your Windows, and also update software (including Streamlabs OBS) for the best possible result.

More often than not, if you do not take care of your PC, you might have a lot of software running in the background consuming resources that would otherwise be delegated to your streaming software.

This lack of resources is what causes Streamlabs OBS to have dropped frames making your broadcast result in less than optimal experiences for the viewers.

A fresh install of Windows might help with all of these issues and allow you to stream once again with no dropped frames!

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