How to Get Followers on Twitch

A major concern of most starting streamers is how to get followers on Twitch. Although later on follower count is not a very important metric, early on followers will help you build your core community that will slowly grow into something bigger.

Today we will discuss a couple of fundamental things you need to take into account when growing your Twitch channel, hopefully answering your question of how to get more followers on Twitch.

Have a Good Quality Stream

Everything you do must be built upon a solid foundation and your streaming career on Twitch is no exception to that. In order to gain viewers, you must have a decent stream with good quality settings, a good microphone, a good webcam, etc.

Without these basic things no matter how funny or good you are at games, people will end up leaving your stream, as a low-quality stream can be frustrating to watch.

The harder part is getting good hardware since that is costly, but you can always look for resources like these (Twitch, Nvidia) to find better settings for your streaming software.

In time you will manage to gather a lot more hardware and could even set up things like a dual PC stream to make your experience better, but until then make sure you cover your bare minimum in terms of quality broadcast.

Have a Content Plan

Another big tip on how to get Twitch followers is to have a clear content plan in your head. What this means is that you need to understand where you fit as a content creator and fully commit to that niche.

For example, if you are not exactly funny but are good mechanically at games you should focus on that and pursue the image of a professional gamer on stream. Trying to be a comedian when you lack humor will just bury your chances at any form of growth.

The same concept applies when you are an overall charismatic person but are pretty average at games. Try to focus on creating funny content instead of trying to pursue “pro” plays that will simply make you look bad.

Trying to not stray from what you set out to achieve because that might unexpectedly backfire is a solid plan, but if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you hate what you are doing, then maybe changing your content plan is a good idea!

Have a Consistent Streaming Schedule

If you wonder how to get followers on Twitch fast, then you need to take a good hard look at your streaming schedule.

The fastest way to get followers is to stream with a consistent schedule that is predictable for the viewers and if you are lacking in this department you are actively sabotaging your growth.

If the viewers know where and when to find you, the chances of your channel growing increase exponentially since it can turn into a habit to show up to your streams.

Sporadic streaming might be more comfortable for you since you don’t have to create another “job” for yourself, but the yields from that approach are obviously less impressive.

No matter which streamer you will ask about this topic, a consistent streaming schedule will always be mentioned!

Promotion Outside of Twitch

Another important way you will get more followers on your Twitch channel is to promote yourself on other platforms as well. Using Discord, YouTube, and Twitter will increase the chances of people dropping by your Twitch page by quite a high margin.

The main reason for this is the fact that on Twitch you only provide content while you are live, meanwhile, if you use any of the other aforementioned platforms, your content is live 24/7.

YouTube videos will naturally promote your channel and a well-organized Discord community will increase the chance of viewer retention by a lot.

Never put all of your eggs in one basket as they say. Be flexible and try to spread your channel on as many platforms as you possibly can!

To promote your auxiliary platforms you can use popular strategies like giveaways to incentivize people to follow you there as well.

Emotes and Twitch Culture

Unironically, one of the biggest reasons why people enjoy Twitch so much are the emotes and emote extensions like BTTV and FFZ. No other platform has such a huge emote culture that is constantly evolving and it is very important to be part of it.

A lot of people will follow and even subscribe to your Twitch channel just because you have cool emotes they can use in other places. This gets even better because you can integrate your Discord channel with your Twitch page and these emotes then become available on Discord as well.

Besides the emotes Twitch has a very specific culture and lingo and if you are not up to date with it, there is a high chance people will find you less interesting to watch and converse with.

Understanding basic slang like “KEKW” or monkaS” is fundamental in building any sort of community around your Twitch channel. Unfortunately, if you are behind these things you will literally need to study what is going on with Twitch, otherwise, you risk being left behind.


Getting more followers on Twitch is not necessarily hard, but it does require commitment and consistency. You need decent hardware, a clear schedule and plan for your content approach, some cool emotes, and to basically not be a boomer.

If you have those things in check you will naturally grow your channel and get more followers. Simple as that!

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