How to Get Verified on Twitch

If you are familiar with social media like Twitter you know how much emphasis people put on getting verified or getting that nice tick mark next to your name. At this point, the verified icon is viewed as a status symbol and Twitch streamers are also trying to get a purple checkmark next to their name.

Unfortunately for people on Twitch, the truth is that there is no real “verification”. The checkmark icon is only given to people that are partnered. This then means that the checkmark next to someone’s username on Twitch simply means they have reached partnered status.

This is no small achievement nevertheless since only a certain number of Twitch streamers get to be called partners. These people have a lot of followers, subscribers and while streaming they also make quite a bit of money!

So the checkmark on Twitch is different from most other verification checkmarks, but it brings its own clout and fame since it is associated with someone that made it up the food chain on Twitch.

twitch checkmark

How to Achieve Partner Status or Get Your Checkmark?

So how do you get verified on Twitch? According to the official Twitch page, you need to first complete the Path to Partner challenge which is to stream for 25 hours, stream on 12 different days, and have an average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewership excluding hosts, raids, and embeds).

These are the minimum requirements as Twitch explains and technically there are other criteria Twitch looks at. To get the verified badge on Twitch you need to also conform to the TOS of Twitch and should be able to maintain the minimum required viewership even after getting partnered.

It is also important to mention that once you have completed the minimum requirements you will unlock the ability to apply for Partner status, but this does not guarantee that you will receive it.

You might also be denied multiple times until Twitch finds you to be well suited for their special program. Do not get discouraged and simply try again!

That is it for the partnered/verified subject. All you have to do now is grind to 75 average viewers. Easy right?

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