How to Gift Subs on Twitch

The biggest appeal of Twitch as a streaming platform is the community aspect. You can find new friends here, you can build your own community by gaining followers/subs, and finally, you can enjoy being in a diverse group of people from across the globe.

When making friends gift-giving is an obvious way of encouraging a stronger relationship and Twitch is no different. On Twitch you can give sub gifts to people you like or you can give sub gifts to random people in chat to support your favorite content creator.

No matter why you did it, gifting subs on Twitch will definitely bring a smile to someone’s face, so if you can afford it, there is no reason not to do it!

Gift Subs on Desktop Site

If you are using the desktop site and are wondering how to gift subs on Twitch, all you have to do is to either click on a user’s name and press the Gift button, or press on the Subscribe button under the Twitch player and select the gift option.

gift twitch sub desktop
gift twitch sub desktop 2

The main difference is that if you use the Subscribe button you by default will gift subs to random people in chat. Meanwhile, if you click on someone’s username you know for sure who will receive the gifted sub.

Gift Subs on the Twitch App

If you on the other hand are wondering how to gift subs on the Twitch app then you can follow these steps.

You can once again either tap the Subscribe button and select the Gift option which will either randomly give someone a sub or you can select an individual using their Twitch ID, or you can simply look in chat and see if the person you want to gift the sub to is present.

If they are in chat just press on their username and once again just select the Gift option out of everything else.

how gift twitch sub app
how gift twitch sub app 2

Gifting subs can be very rewarding but first of all remember to check if you have enough funds to keep your own subs going! Happy gifting fellow gamers!

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