How to Update Streamlabs OBS

Although Streamlabs OBS is supposed to be easier to use than its bigger brother, OBS Studio for streaming it seems that there are still trust issues between SLOBS and the general users.

The issue we are talking about is related to manual updates of the Streamlabs OBS software. Although easy to set up, and quite capable in terms of advanced settings it seems that the software does not trust the end-user with an update button.

We have spent some time on the internet trying to figure out how to update Streamlabs OBS but it seems that the process can only be prompted when the server pushes an update for everyone, therefore, there is no manual check.

In OBS Studio you can simply click on the Help button that is visible on the top bar and select Check for updates. No such button or feature is currently present on Streamlabs OBS no matter how hard we looked.

obs check for updates

For software that is supposed to be extremely user-friendly and accessible, this is quite an oversight.

We have obviously clicked on everything possible inside of SLOBS itself, looked at their support page, looked on YouTube, and even looked on Reddit for advice but it seems there is no information at all on manually checking for updates for SLOBS.

So how can you force an update if you suspect your SLOBS is out of date and you have not received an automatic prompt?

How to Update Streamlabs OBS Manually

Without an internal update button, we assume that the only option left is to completely uninstall SLOBS and then download it from the official site once again.

This should give you the freshest, newest installer available, therefore you should end up with a brand new SLOBS build.

This option will also keep all of your settings and changes intact so you would not have to re-dial everything again.

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Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow
15 hours ago

This is true and very annoying by SLOBS team…