How to Improve Cable Longevity

In a lot of cases, your devices might keep working for ages if it weren’t for cable damage since that seems to be a common point of failure for many peripherals and tech in general. This situation affects everything from your USB cable to mice, keyboards, monitors, etc.

Since we are bound to use cables to connect our devices for quite a while longer, here are some tips on how to make it so you do not have to change them too often making it a hassle.

Choosing Good Cables

Buying a cheap USB cable, or a cheap HDMI cable might be profitable in the short term since you do not have to invest a lot in them but in the long term you will most likely have to change those cables more often than you would want leading to extra costs.

One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to things like cables is to buy a quality product from the get-go. Buying a good cable for your mouse or keyboard will make sure that your devices will not randomly die on you because of cable failure.

There are a lot of aftermarket cables for everything ranging from headphone cables to car charging cables that will save you money in the long run.

Taking Care of Your Cables During Use

In most cases, cables break because of abuse and mishandling during use. People tend to pull, bend, twist these cables around and in the end cause failure. Most cables are made with certain tolerances in mind but once the wear and tear exceeds those expectations you will end up with a dead product.

how to not bend cables

To avoid this simply be a bit more careful when using your charging cables, keyboard cables, etc. Do not excessively bend them, do not twist them, and avoid door hinges or other mechanisms that could squeeze and break the cable.

This might sound pretty obvious but in a lot of cases, people just do unreasonable things to their cables and then are surprised when they break quickly.

How to Store Cables

Another way to ensure your headphone cable or your mouse cable does not break is to store them away properly. The same rules apply as during use – do not bend/twist/crumple your cables together. Do not expose them to heat or get the cables stuck in drawers.

usb cable bent

You can roll the cables up but make sure there is enough slack so the wires inside are not under the constant pressure of breaking. Do not store cables in the same cabinet with sharp objects either because you might accidentally damage them.

Folding your cables in two or three and just putting them neatly away in a drawer or in your backpack will ensure that they will live a long life.

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Christopher Jackson (Ravetank / Jacksonstrut)
Christopher Jackson (Ravetank / Jacksonstrut)
1 year ago

Awesome info!!!