How to Keep Hands Warm While Gaming

We like to talk a lot about how important it is for gamers to be healthy since your overall well-being translates directly to how well you can play in games.

To maintain yourself healthy many different items can be of use. You can use computer glasses to maintain your eyes relaxed and have better vision, you should get a good gaming chair to help you in maintaining good posture, and you should do stretches and exercises for your hands to prevent injuries while gaming.

Talking about hand exercises and stretches it is important to emphasize just how important it is to maintain your hands warm during gameplay as it can severely impact your performance. It doesn’t matter how light your mouse is if you can barely move your hand muscles to perform the desired movements.

Today we will give you some tips regarding keeping your hands warm and ready to play at full potential.

Why Should You Keep Your Hands Warm While Gaming?

The main question a lot of people will have is why should we even care about having warm hands while gaming?

The answer to this question is simple: proper blood circulation means your hands will execute complex movements with utmost precision. If you get cold hands this effectively means limited movements and slower reaction speeds.

Considering that your hands are your main input points for both your mouse and keyboard, it is not hard to understand how lagging behind in your motions can result in a subpar performance in-game.

How to Keep Hands Warm While Gaming?

There are a couple of things you can do to keep your hands warm while gaming to ensure maximum performance.

  • Dress up and keep your body warm. Your hands get cold when your body needs to circulate a lot more blood throughout your body to keep it warm, leading to less blood being circulated to your hands.
  • Do exercises and stretches for your hands before gaming, and while gaming to keep the blood flow going.
  • Stand up and move often while gaming. As we said in our posture article, your body is not made to sit down for hours in the same place, and doing so can lead to slower blood circulation resulting in cold hands.
  • Make sure the room you are gaming in is warm enough so you do not have to constantly bundle up
  • Besides hand exercises and stretches, you can also accelerate the process of warming up your hands by washing your hands in hot water. Keep your hands in hot water until the numbness in your fingers is gone and then quickly dry your hands as quickly as possible. If you do not dry your hands properly the cold water will make your hands cold again.
  • You can also use hand warmers like these which are quite common for eSports athletes.
  • Eat healthily and exercise. It is no mystery that healthier people have better blood flow therefore can maintain circulation to keep their hands warm. A healthy overall lifestyle will result in you performing a lot better in games as well!

With this, you know how to keep your hands warm while gaming resulting in your peak performance!

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