Lian Li Lancool-215 Review – The Best Budget Airflow Case!

Whenever you want to buy a case for your new PC build there should be two major questions you ask yourself: how well does this case cool my components? And how much money does it cost?

Recently we have reviewed the SilentiumPC Signum SG1X TG RGB budget PC case that focuses on aesthetics while keeping your components cool enough. Today on the other hand we will review a case that is solely built for airflow – the Lian Li Lancool-215.

The Lancool-215 is an extremely good deal for anyone on a tighter budget that wants to make sure that their components are getting as much cooling as possible while also looking stylish.

Build Quality

The bane of budget PC parts is the fact that often the quality of the product is lacking. In this case, Lian Li is a well-known PC case company that always provides solid quality for a decent price.

The Lancool-215 fits that description well, with the entire case feeling solid without exceptions. The tempered side panel and the metal side panel are sturdy and slot easily into the case.

The top vent has a magnetic dust filter while the bottom one has a standard slotted dust filter to keep your components clean.

lian li lancool-215 case magnetic dust collector
lian li lancool-215 case top mesh

The inside of the case is spacious and large enough to fit most motherboard sizes, most CPU coolers, and even the beefiest of GPUs.

Working in the case is easy because of how spacious it is and also because of the routing cut-outs all over the case. You can easily mount 2 2.5’’ SSDs in the back of the case with an HDD+SSD mounting tray next to the PSU.

lian li lancool-215 case side view

The case comes with a built-in fan RGB controller which is nice because it allows you to control your color modes without having to use any software!

You also have 3 velcro ties in the back of the case that make cable management easy, leading to an overall clean look of the build.

The only downside when it comes to how the case was built, is the lack of a dust filter behind the front panel. Although the front mesh is technically a dust filter by itself, it would have been nice to see a magnetic dust filter on the front of the case just like it has one on the top.

Overall the Lian Li Lancool-215 is a very sturdy medium-sized PC case that will make it pretty easy for you to work in it due to its high build quality!

Airflow & Design

The biggest selling point of the Lian Li Lancool-215 PC case is obviously its ability to cool down your components. The entire front and back of the case is a metal mesh with a mesh cutout on the top as well.

Honestly looking at this case it is hard to find a place where the case doesn’t have mesh cutouts for airflow. The good news about this situation is that this is literally the best budget airflow case you can buy currently.

This means that no matter what CPU or GPU you put inside, you can always be sure they are properly cooled. For maximum air cooling you can also take off the front panel, but there is virtually no difference in temperatures since the panel itself is already open.

With this case, you can also overclock your CPU and GPU fairly easily since the temperatures will always be in check!

Besides the ultra-airflow design, the Lian Li Lancool-215 has a tempered glass side panel that allows you to peek inside and enjoy your RGB (or lack thereof).

lian li lancool-215 case side view closed

Overall the design of the case should be appealing to most users with how simple but efficient it is!

Case Fans

Another big reason why someone would want to buy the Lian Li Lancool-215 PC case are the case fans that come equipped from the manufacturer. The case comes with 2 huge 200mm fans in the front for intake and a single 120mm fan in the back for exhaust.

lian li lancool-215 case front view

The 200mm RGB fans dwarf anything you put next to them since they are so massive. These will obviously do a great job at pushing air into your case simply because of their size.

The front fans are connected from the get-go to the RGB controller inside of the case. After you connect the LED switch to the RGB controller as well, you can use the dedicated LED button on the front I/O to customize the color pattern of your gigantic fans.

The fan in the back is a plain, black, 120mm Lian Li case fan.

Overall, we would recommend installing another 2 case fans on the top exhaust vent for extra cooling for the GPU but this is honestly optional.

There have been tests done on how good the cooling of the case is with its default 3 fans installed, and lo and behold, even with its default config the case is unbeatable at cooling your components.

Overall, insanely good value proposition with the 3 pre-installed fans for the price of the Lian Li Lancool-215!

Panel I O

The front panel I/O is fairly standard on the Lian Li Lancool-215. You have a power button, reset button, 2x USB 3.0, and a neat LED button to control the light modes on your RGB fans.

lian li lancool-215 case panel io

The LED control button is a very welcome addition since I personally hate dealing with software for everything. With this case, I can control the RGB profiles of the fans installed in the case through the RGB controller and LED I/O panel button.

Simple but efficient I/O, well done!

Price & Availability

Here comes the best news for those who were wondering just how much this airflow case costs. You can purchase a Lian Li Lancool-215 PC case for around 80$/€ in most regions of the world!

You heard it right, one of the best airflow cases you can buy right now is only 80$/€, which is, by all means, a budget case.

The only issue you might encounter when dealing with the Lian Li Lancool-215 is the fact that it might be sold out since it is such a popular case right now.


The Lian Li Lancool-215 airflow PC case is a steal at 80$/€ that provides you with maximum cooling performance for pennies. The included 200mm RGB fans are not only aesthetically imposing but do a very good job at pushing air into the case and cooling all the components down.

There are really no clear downsides to this case unless you start getting picky with smaller details which honestly should be ignored at the price this case is selling for.

If you want to prioritize cooling your components over everything else, then this case is the best case for you!

Well done Lian Li!

Review Summary

The Lian Li Lancool-215 PC case is extremely good at keeping your components cool with the included, 200mm RGB fans that are simply massive. The case is spacious and easy to work in and has an overall premium look. The best part is that the case is only 80$/€ so it is an absolute steal for the performance it displays!

  • Extra Features 9.0
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Design 9.0


  • Comes equipped with 2 massive RGB fans
  • Has a lot of space and can even fit an E-ATX motherboard!
  • Has exceptional airflow!


  • There is no dust filter on the front panel
  • Might be sold out because of its popularity

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