Odin Gaming Eclipse Mousepad Review – A True Artisan Zero Contender

Finding a truly great mousepad has become pretty boring lately because you can answer all questions with – just buy an Artisan. In itself, this answer is actually a good one, but if you have a more adventurous spirit just buying a bunch of Artisan pads is quite anti-climatic.

We have always been fans of unique mouse pads like the MPC450 or the MP510 because of their durable Cordura surface but these mousepads cannot really compete with a Hien or a Zero.

Luckily for us, many companies have started producing Artisan-like mousepads of high quality. One of such companies is Odin Gaming which has made the ever-so-famous, best-selling mousepad on Maxgaming – the Odin Infinity. The Infinity is simply a phenomenal pad that is 99% a Hien but at half the price.

Now Odin Gaming has decided to hit another big part of the market by making something similar to an Artisan Zero, a more traditional control cloth pad. Their newest product is called the Eclipse and we are here to tell you all about it today!


Just like with the Infinity mousepad the Odin Gaming Eclipse pad comes rolled in a box which is quite a shame considering how good this pad is overall. There is no inherent issue with this type of packaging, but the consensus is that flat-packing mousepads makes sure that they lay flat and have no ridges on their surface.

odin gaming eclipse package

Fortunately, the rubber base of the Eclipse is very soft and flexible therefore the mousepad was laying flat on the table straight out of the box.


The real attraction towards this mousepad is of course because of its control surface that supposedly is as good as an Artisan Zero. In reality, as Odin Gaming has said themselves, their goal for the Eclipse mousepad was different than that of the Infinity.

odin gaming eclipse vs infinity

They did not simply want to create an Artisan clone but added some uniqueness to the surface making this mousepad stand in a league of its own.

The surface of the Eclipse is very soft and almost velvety making it exceptionally comfortable to use. This surface is not only great for controlled movement but also because of this specific texture and fabric this mouse pad allows you to micro-adjust quite well during aiming.

odin gaming eclipse surface

This is usually something rare on a control pad since the friction makes it pretty hard to make any small adjustments. The Eclipse is softer and more plush compared to a Zero while retaining the same amount of control.

In a way, because of the super-smooth glide, this mousepad can even be considered a bit better in certain circumstances than a Zero because of how easy it is to adjust with small movements.

Overall the surface of this mousepad is indeed a delightful surprise retaining the controlled feeling on larger swipes but being very smooth and speedy when it comes to smaller movements.

Is the Eclipse then better than a Zero? No, simply because these 2 pads are very different and cannot be compared. If the Zero is closer to a QCK, the Eclipse is more of a G640 with medium speed and faster glide but a lot more control.


The stitching on the Eclipse is identical to the Infinity and is of high quality. There are no fraying or loose threads with a very consistent look overall. The only downside to the stitching is that it is a bit thicker than the pad itself, not quite being on that Artisan level.

odin gaming eclipse stitching

At the same time, there is literally no other pad that is on the Artisan level and the stitching on the Eclipse (and the Infinity) is so good that it would not be fair to give the mousepad a hard time just because of this detail.

Overall good stitching with no problems at all.

Rubber Base

The rubber base on the Odin Gaming Eclipe mouse pad is very soft and flexible making the mousepad stick to the table very well. Once again this base is not on the same level as an Artisan pad, but compared to every other rubber base on the market there is no fault with the Eclipse at all.

odin gaming eclipse rubber base

The pad sticks to the table and cannot be moved during gameplay. If you push hard enough you will be able to move the mousepad, but that is definitely something that has to be done intentionally so there is no need to worry about the in-game experience.

The softness of the rubber base on the Eclipse is comparable to the Soft on the Artisan pads and is basically the golden middle of being able to sink your fingers into the pad without the mousepad feeling like jello.

Pricing & Availability

The biggest and greatest news about this mousepad is that it is available for everyone to purchase from the Odin Gaming official site and also from Maxgaming, the EU partner store at a very good price – 29.99$/€.

This makes recommending this mousepad as one of THE BEST mousepads on the current market very easy since, unlike an Artisan mousepad you do not have to wait forever for re-stocks, it does not cost a leg and an arm, and you won’t have to pay import taxes on the pad.

Considering the overall build quality of the pad and the unique surface that is both good for controlled movements but is not muddy like usual control pads on small micro-adjustments there is absolutely no reason to not buy this mousepad.


The Odin Gaming Eclipse mousepad is simply put, quite possibly the best deal for a very high-quality control mousepad on the market right now. With the price to performance ratio off the charts, while also being available for everyone to buy, there are very few reasons to still go for an Artisan Zero as of now (unless you want the prestige that comes with the Artisan name).

Review Summary

The Odin Gaming Eclipse is a rare gem in the mousepad market being both affordable, very well built, and offering a unique control surface that beats even the most premium of competition. If you know nothing about mouse pads but want something that will give you enough control while also not hindering your tracking, this is the mousepad for you!

  • Surface 9.0
  • Pricing 10
  • Rubber Base 8.0


  • Ultra high-quality mouse pad for a very cheap price
  • Very unique control surface that does not hinder tracking
  • Good stitching and rubber base
  • Available both in NA and EU


  • The stitching and rubber cannot beat Artisan quality
  • Although unique the Eclipse will be compared to the Artisan Zero a lot

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