How to Get the Old Windows 7 Calculator

Not everything new is great and in certain cases, older programs do their job better than their updated counterparts. For some, this might be the case with the old Windows 7 calculator vs the new Windows 10/11 calculators which have a revamped interface but might not be as comfortable to use.

This issue can be solved quickly and for some this small tweak might improve their workflow once again (a bunch of other small tweaks: TCP Optimizer, Nvidia Profile Inspector, Windows startup, Mini-Steam, etc).

Getting the Old Calculator Back

In the case of the old calculator you do not have to download any new programs (like with the classic start menu), you just have to rip the old calculator files from an older Windows 7 build. Since this might be a bit too bothersome for some people you can just find the files you need here.

win 7 calculator

All you need to do is drop the calc.exe into your %SystemRoot%\system32\ directory and the calc.exe.mui into your %SystemRoot%\system32\en-US\ directory. You do not have to be afraid of these 2 files since these are just 2 original files of the old calculator that have also been checked for any suspicious viruses. But of course you can scan the files for viruses once more. Here is the download link.

virus check

Once you dropped both of those files in their respective directory you can search for calc.exe in your start menu or simply use the Win+R key and type calc. This will bring out the old friend you have been missing.

find calc exe

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