The Pulsar Mouse Micro Bungee – When Less Is More!

The greatest news for the mouse enthusiast community is that recently a lot more premium wireless mice like the Logitech G PRO X Superlight have been released. Why is this such a great development?

Well, this is simply because nobody likes wires that get in the way of their aim and get all tangled when moving your hand fast. What if you just like your current mouse and don’t want to invest in a wireless one?

Then you can use mods like swapping to a paracord mouse cable or even using a mouse bungee to ameliorate the situation. Incidentally (this is a lie, everything was planned) today’s topic of discussion is one such product that makes life with a cord a lot easier for a lot of gamers – the Pulsar micro bungee!

What Is a Mouse Bungee?

Conventionally a mouse bungee is a device composed out of a heavy base (sometimes using a suction cup) with a soft spring that is used to route your mouse cable so it would not tangle.

This tool is useful because it reduces cable drag, therefore, increasing the accuracy of your movements and overall increases the feeling of freedom when moving your mouse around.

The issue with certain mouse bungees is the fact that they occupy some desk space and also if not properly weighted down you can move the bungee itself while trying to flick your mouse hard.

This is where the Pulsar micro bungee comes in.

What Is the Pulsar Micro Bungee?

The Pulsar micro bungee is best described as an innovative approach to a secure and clutter-free mouse bungee option. It is simply a plastic housing that you stick onto your monitor and a rubber tube that acts as the bungee spring and keeps your cable elevated and out of the way.

pulsar mouse micro bungee on a monitor

The installation process is as simple as it sounds but the results are top-notch in terms of mouse bungee experience.

In my particular case, I have stuck the Pulsar micro mouse bungee onto my Asus VG279QM monitor and placed the mouse cord of my Xtrfy MZ1 mouse into it. The feeling of moving the mouse around changed drastically since the cable drag was reduced significantly.

pulsar mouse micro bungee with xtrfy mz1

I have also tested the Pulsar mouse bungee with my Model O- (paracord cable) and Razer Viper Mini (stock cable) with great results for both.

All cables that I have tested fit into the rubber housing of the micro mouse bungee and when pulled the rubber offered similar stress relief to the more traditional springs on the normal mouse bungees.

Since the Pulsar micro bungee is stuck to your monitor you will not accidentally pull the mouse bungee when swiping fast like with traditional mouse bungees, offering you a great sense of security.

If you messed up the initial placement of the Pulsar micro bungee you can reposition it using the extra double-sided tape they have included in the package.

Where Can You Buy the Pulsar Micro Bungee?

If you would like to purchase a Pulsar micro bungee as well, you can look at the Pulsar official site, Amazon or if you live in Europe you can order one from Maxgaming.

This is still a wired experience so it is not perfect, but it will be as close as you can get to a wireless experience with your wired mouse.

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