SkyPad 3.0 XL Review – Speed Pad Endgame

Fast mousepads have become popular among gamers and if you are a regular on r/MousepadReview you probably see a bunch of people describe their amazing experiences with fast surfaces daily.

Since speed is key you hear people rave about their Artisan Hien or their MPC450 but the newest addition to the fast mousepad market is even more alluring since it is as close as you can get to the endgame for the foreseeable future.

The mousepad I will be talking about today is the SkyPad 3.0 XL, a glass mousepad that is fast, durable, unique, and expensive. If you like fast surfaces you do not want to miss this.


Since we are talking about a tempered glass mousepad the packaging that it comes with is naturally flat and filled with foam to protect the surface during shipping. Because of the sheer size of the mousepad the box is also big and quite clunky making it a bit annoying to transport around.

skypad 3 xl packaging

Nevertheless, the box feels sturdy and is protecting the mousepad well, but that is to be expected considering the cost of the pad and the material it is made out of.


Undoubtedly the main reason someone would buy a SkyPad over a hybrid pad or a Cordura pad is the silky smooth and extremely fast surface. Tracking and micro-adjustments on this glass surface feel as natural as they could get, allowing you to stay on target with ease.

skypad 3 xl surface

Because the surface is so fast the SkyPad is not necessarily recommended for tactical shooters like CS:GO or Valorant but if you lower your sensitivity to the 43-62 cm range, even those games can be played competitively.

Besides the speed and smoothness, the glass surface comes with another important advantage, that being the sheer durability that it has. The SkyPad will most likely never change in feeling and will be able to maintain its speed indefinitely. There are variables like you damaging the surface somehow that might influence that statement but under normal circumstances, this pad will last forever.

Because of the unique glass surface, the SkyPad 3.0 also introduces some inconveniences that you would otherwise not have to deal with. The first one is that you can feel the smallest piece of dirt or hair when swiping your mouse on this surface. This becomes annoying quickly and you will need to have a microfiber cloth at hand.

The second one is that you NEED to wear an arm sleeve. This becomes a requirement instead of a recommendation because your skin will quickly get caught on the glass surface making it impossible to move your arm. For someone like me that used an arm sleeve anyways, this is not an issue at all, but for gamers that prefer to have their bare arm on the mousepad, this is something they need to be aware of.

mouse on skypad 3 xl

Overall the surface of the SkyPad 3.0 is unique and because of the speed it inherently has, it will demand a lot more mouse control compared to traditional pads. The skill floor of this mousepad is therefore high but the skill ceiling is even higher which results in unlimited potential for great aim.


Since the SkyPad 3.0 is a slab of tempered glass there is no stitching at all. The mousepad is extremely low-profile and you can barely tell where it starts or where it finishes when aiming.

skypad 3 xl side view

If you hate the feeling of stitched edges rubbing against your arm, or you dislike the bump that quite a bit of mousepads have because of the stitched edges then you do not need to worry about that at all with the SkyPad 3.0.

Rubber Feet

The SkyPad 3.0 uses low-profile feet that allow it to stick to the surface of your desk like glue. It is physically impossible for a human to move this mousepad around during gaming so this is another worry you can cross off from your list.

skypad 3 xl rubber feet

If you push it hard enough with the intention to move it, it will move, but this has to be a very deliberate and forceful action and cannot be done while gaming for sure. The only possible issue that you might encouter is that since the SkyPad does not have a full base, dust and hairs might get under the pad, meaning you will need to wipe the back of the pad from time to time.

Mouse Feet & Paracording

Because of the unique surface of the mousepad, you are encouraged to buy high-quality PTFE feet for your mouse so the glide is as smooth as possible. Cheap PTFE feet will feel scratchy and will also produce an unpleasant sound while moving the mouse around on the surface of the SkyPad.

skypad 3 xl mouse feet and paracording

If you are rocking a wired mouse it is also recommended to paracord it so there is no resistance from the cable itself while your mouse moves at Mach 5 across your glass pad.

Cleaning & Durability

A huge feature of the SkyPad 3.0 is that to properly clean it you do not need to do anything fancy. As demonstrated on this GIF posted by the creator of the SkyPad you can use glass cleaning products and a wipe to bring your mousepad back to top-notch condition.

You do not have to worry about the surface deteriorating because this thing can take a beating and survives drop tests on concrete. In short, this mousepad is unkillable so you do not have to worry about damaging it like you would with normal mousepads.

Pricing & Availability

Because of the unique materials used for this mousepad, the price is quite high compared to everything else on the market. You can buy a SkyPad 3.0 XL on the official site for 120$ and you can add another 20-30$ for the shipping.

skypad 3 xl pricing

For people living in Europe, you can also find SkyPads on MaxGaming and in NA you can find them on Lethal Gaming Gear. The prices will vary a little bit depending on location but overall you should expect around 120$ in spendings.

This might be a little bit too much for most people but you have to understand that to end up with a product like this a lot of money is being invested in the manufacturing process therefore it makes sense that it costs more.


The conclusion is quite simple for the SkyPad 3.0 – this mousepad should be treated as a luxury item and should only be purchased if you absolutely know you will like it, or if you don’t mind spending 120$ on trying out something new.

skypad 3 xl

Is it worth it? Absolutely! This surface is amazing while also being extremely durable and the only real downside of this pad is the price. If you want to be blown away by a fast surface then you should 100% try the SkyPad 3.0.

Review Summary

The SkyPad 3.0 XL is a unique tempered glass mousepad that offers speed, smoothness, and durability in one package. If you enjoy fast pads this will be love at first sight and the SkyPad 3.0 will become your new main mousepad.

  • Surace 10
  • Durability 10
  • Rubber Feet 8


  • Insanely fast and smooth surface
  • The surface will never change speed
  • Can take a beating and survive with ease


  • The price is high but you should treat this as a luxury item
  • Might be harder to get if you live in remote places

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