Streamlabs OBS Alerts Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

Streamlabs OBS is a great software that allows you to stream and record content easily once you dial in your settings and press the go live button.

Besides the software itself, Streamlabs is a great platform for finding overlays and even setting up a chatbot for all of your needs while streaming.

The main use for the Streamlabs platform though is the stream alerts which are extremely handy helping you display what is happening on your stream.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Streamlabs alerts are not working properly and some troubleshooting is necessary.

Streamlabs OBS Alerts Not Working

As with everything else, the very first thing you should be doing when things are not working is restarting and re-logging into your accounts.

Log out from your Streamlabs OBS account and close down Streamlabs OBS. You can also restart your PC just in case.

Next, you need to make sure you have properly configured your alerts widget in your OBS Streamlabs. Make sure that your source is visible and you have your alerts enabled.

streamlabs notifications
streamlabs notifications settings

If you can see but cannot hear your alerts make sure you have not muted them in your recent events list.

streamlabs muted alerts

If your Streamlabs OBS alerts are still not working you should also go to your Advanced settings and make sure that hardware acceleration is enabled for your sources.

streamlabs notifications hardware acceleration

Following these steps will fix most of the issues related to alerts not showing up on your stream but in case your specific issue still persists you can visit the official troubleshooting page that covers even more advanced fixes for your widgets.

GL gamers!

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