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If you like streaming casually or professionally you understand the importance of a webcam for viewer retention. Being able to see the person behind the gameplay will allow people to feel a more natural connection and your community will have a face to associate all of your cool stream moments with.

One of the biggest annoyances when it comes to streaming is that no matter if you use OBS Studio or Streamlabs after a computer restart your webcam settings get reset. This is a common issue both for webcams that come with their software and for webcams that have no software at all since Windows has only one simple settings interface for everything.

Why Is This an Issue?

Considering that not everyone has professional studio setups for their streams most people will try to find the best angle with the most light and fine-tune the settings based on that to ensure a good quality image on stream.

In OBS/Windows the only way to achieve this is by using the Properties tab of the webcam you use and use the sliders in the menu.

obs video proc amp settings

This is the most common way people dial in settings for their stream but also this is a neat way people fine-tune their webcam visual quality for other video conferencing apps. After all that hard work of finding the perfect values you go to sleep for the night and in the morning after you boot your PC up again you come to find that all of that time invested in the webcam settings has gone down the drain.

This infuriating situation has happened personally to me multiple times therefore I was extremely happy to find out that there is a solution that will not only permanently lock in your webcam settings for OBS but also for every other video app you might use your webcam with.

The Solution – CamooZ

As mentioned above Windows uses a very basic API to allow you to figure out settings for your webcam and most manufacturers (Logitech, Asus, etc) rely on that very basic interface for their products as well.

This is where CamooZ, a free OBS project software steps in and allows you further customization while also being able to save your data into profiles that can be loaded up in a single click.

camooz settings

This is extremely useful if you stream on a daily basis, but even if you don’t you can be sure that your camera settings are always fine-tuned without having to fiddle around with the basic settings interface.

If you do prefer the simple Windows API interface you can access it through the System Dialog button and configure your profile that way. Once done all you have to do is press save and have all of your settings stored in a file.

camooz system dialog

On the next reboot instead of fiddling around with your webcam all over, you can simply open CamooZ and press the Load button and select the profile you have already made. This will load your settings globally and will allow you to use your fine-tuned webcam settings with every app on your PC.

Enjoy and spread the word to other streamers and webcam enjoyers!

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