What Are Computer Glasses and Do You Need Them?

Gaming and generally working in front of a computer is not as simple of a task as many might have previously thought. Our bodies are not exactly made to sit in place and stare at objects that are close to us for hours on end.

Because of this, just like when building a PC you want to avoid mistakes, you need to make sure you maintain your health while being engrossed in your tech passion.

One of the first organs to give out when leading such a lifestyle is our eyes. They are permanently focused on the screen giving us the information that we need to process, be it in games or office work.

Considering this, it is important to relieve some stress from your eyes if you do not want to deal with all the health repercussions down the line.

What Are Computer Glasses?

A great way to preserve our vision and overall eye health when working/gaming long hours in front of a computer is to get yourself a pair of computer glasses.

These glasses are specifically made to be worn in front of computers therefore have thinner comfier frames to wear with headphones and use special lenses that help with close-up tasks.

computer glasses side view
computer glasses lens

The main task of gaming computers is to relieve stress from focusing so much on the things on your screen and in certain cases protect your eyes from blue light that is quite harmful.

Why Wear Computer Glasses?

As we have mentioned before the main reason you should be wearing prescription computer glasses is the fact that these relieve a lot of the focusing stress from your eyes. If you are not careful, extended periods of using your monitor can lead to headaches, dry and red eyes, twitching, and even burning sensations.

This is all caused by straining the optic nerves and muscles since you are staring at a static object in front of you.

Besides assisting the eyes in relaxing when viewing a computer screen, your computer glasses will also help you get rid of the harmful blue light that electronic screens emit.

There are still studies being done regarding what exactly blue light does to our eyes, but for now, we know two things for sure: blue light damages our retinas causing further eyesight problems, and it messes with our diurnal rhythm making it hard to go to sleep at night.

Overall the main reasons for wearing computer glasses then is the preservation of eyesight, no symptoms after prolonged use of a computer screen, and no changes in your sleep schedule that can mess up even more things regarding your health.

Do You Need Computer Glasses?

So then the question is do you need computer glasses? Well, the sensible answer is yes but obviously, everything depends on how willing you are to spend some extra money and time at an ophthalmologist.

To put it in perspective, computer glasses are not a must, but just like a gaming mouse instead of a regular mouse, a gaming sleeve, a mouse bungee, or a paracord cable the glasses will add a lot of value to your computer experience in a way you might have not thought of it before.

First and foremost this is an investment into your health which will dictate how you will perform in games and at work, therefore, it is a sensible thing to do.

At the same time, the degradation of sight and overall discomfort can affect people disproportionately therefore in some cases if you really hate glasses and sitting at your computer screen doesn’t bother you then maybe you could go without them.

What you need to know then is that degradation is still happening and might hit you harder later on where you will need a lot more than prescription computer glasses.

So overall, we would recommend anybody that sits in front of a computer for long hours to invest in a good pair of computer glasses that will save you a lot of trouble down the line!

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