What Are Twitch Bits?

Twitch offers a variety of ways for creators to make money on the platform. It may sound easy, but you still need great content and plenty of viewers to start earning a nice income.

However, it’s not impossible, as you can use various exposure methods like Twitch Squad Streaming, getting shoutouts, and more. One of the best ways to earn some extra cash from Twitch are Twitch bits. They offer plenty of benefits for viewers and for streamers as well.

Twitch Bits can simply be explained as virtual currencies that streamers can receive from their viewers and then spend on various online services or gamers’ websites. Viewers purchase Twitch Bits and can then donate them to their favorite streamer. As a result, the account receiving the Twitch Bits earns 1 cent per Bit donated.

How to Use Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits also have benefits for the person donating them, not just the streamer. Using this feature is basically a way to get noticed in the chat more by the streamer and other viewers. You can use Twitch Bits to participate in the chat, send more noticeable and bigger Twitch emotes, and earn a Cheer Chat Badge with your Bits. You can choose how many Bits you donate, as more of them means doing more things and getting access to cooler features and emotes.

twitch emotes

You can purchase 100 Bits for around $1.40 and get discounts if you buy more in bulk. You can also choose to Subscribe to the streamer for a monthly fee and enjoy more benefits like custom emotes, Twitch Bits, loyalty badges, and much more for less money.

twitch bits

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