What is Razer Synapse? Razer Synapse 2 vs. 3

Razer Synapse is software designed and released by Razer to configure the majority of their hardware lineup. The Razer Synapse was released back in 2011, and it is currently on its third version.

First and foremost, this software keeps your drivers for your Razer products updated and additionally serves as the settings link for different highlights on your Razer PC product. However, it can also include modules from different platforms.

The Razer Synapse comes in razer laptops, pre-installed, and it has a specifically made system that allows you to control various features on your laptop. But when you are using other Razer peripherals like keyboards and mice, it may require you to download the software yourself.

Downloading the Razer Synapse Software will provide you with some features that will allow you to set key binds on your keyboard and customize your wired or wireless mouse profiles.

Razer Synapse Software Download

You can find Synapse 2 vs. 3 downloads on the following link: https://www.razer.com/ca-en/downloads.

Once you have the Razer Synapse downloaded, you may need to create a Razer account to access it and launch it if it is your first time using it.

The Synapse will automatically update itself, but you can also search manually for updates on your own.

The downloaded software will support devices like gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, mousepads, etc.

Razer Synapse Software Dashboard

The Synapse dashboard will automatically detect all the connected Razer hardware.

The dashboard is split into numerous different settings and modules that can be found in the main section. It allows you to access many features like the Chroma studios, which you can use to control the lighting on your Razer products and peripherals. The Macro suite allows you to set up sequences on your keyboard, the Global Shortcuts that permit you to bind keys on your products to achieve many functions. And also a submenu for Modules.

Razer Synapse Software Modules

The Razer Synapse Dashboard Modules provide you with a huge number of extra features to add to your devices. You can install and uninstall modules whenever you like.

Right now, some of the available modules for install are these ones:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Chroma Connect
  • Chroma Visualizer
  • Philips Hue
  • Nanoleaf
  • Chroma Studio
  • Macro

Features and Benefits of the Razer Synapse Software

razer basilisk essential synapse settings

Create key binds, set complex macros, and even devise your own RGB lighting profiles.

The Synapse permits you to save profiles to either a gadget’s installed memory or the cloud’s memory for simple access. They can also be connected to specific games and will automatically dispatch when you start playing.

The most recent version of the Synapse is version 3, and it’s significantly better than the Synapse 2, whit a new UI, better-incorporated navigation, and plenty of customization choices.

Synapse features a functionality Hyper-Shift that permits you to change the function of your mouse buttons temporarily or the keys of your keyboard along with the default settings.

Synapse also includes Chroma Studio, a ground-breaking lighting configuration arrangement tool with a range of effects and tuning options that make game-responsive RGB profiles.

Razer Synapse 2 vs. Razer Synapse 3 Software

Razer Synapse 3 Software is the third form created from Razer’s hardware configuration tool.

It’s a user’s experience update, and you can use it to design and configure gadgets in a similar way as in Synapse 2. However, in this version, Razer keeps adding support for more legacy devices.

Both Synapse 2 vs. 3 versions have access to the profiles of Chrome studios.

Currently, the steadier and tested version is Synapse 2, but that doesn’t make Synapse 3 less stable.

The Synapse 2 is accessible on PC and Mac, and on the other hand, the Synapse 3 is currently accessible just on PC.

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