This Is Why You Should Buy a UPS for Your PC

Your PC is a machine that is quite sensitive to forced shutdowns that happen during a blackout. In many cases, you would boot the PC normally afterward but unfortunately, there are also situations when after your lights went off you might notice issues.

These issues can range from mild inconvenience to having to change parts in a PC. This is why today we will explain to you why having a UPS (an uninterruptible power supply) can save you a lot of time and money.

No Corrupted Files

The most common reason why you should buy a UPS which can keep your PC alive for a while longer after your power goes off is because this way you can have a normal shutdown which will prevent corrupted files.

corrupted file message

If you are writing an important document or have an important save file stored somewhere and then your lights go off you have a genuine chance of losing all progress on that work or losing the file altogether.

You might be able to boot your machine just fine after your electricity is back, but all that time you have invested in your work will be gone.

No Bad Recovery States

An extension of the corrupted file situation after a blackout is when an important Windows file becomes corrupted, getting you stuck in a loop of recovery screens on your PC. If you are lucky you might eventually see your desktop but in a lot of cases, you will need to reinstall Windows altogether.

windows recovery message

A UPS once again solves this situation by simply giving you enough time to properly shut down your PC when your electricity goes off, avoiding the issue of recovery states completely.

No Failed Parts

A much harsher situation is when your power goes off and when it turns back on your PC will not boot. Unfortunately, this is quite a common issue and it happens because of a sudden loss of power or spikes when the electricity comes back online.

This can affect very important parts of your PC like the CPU, GPU, HDD, PSU, etc. The UPS will once again prevent this entirely since you can run your PC for a bit longer on the battery pack, and it will prevent surges or electricity spikes from getting to your PC altogether.

Extra Protection for Your PC

Usually, in a situation where your PC is experiencing overcurrent, undercurrent, surges, or electricity spikes, the brunt of the hit goes to your PSU which will in most cases (if the PSU is of good quality) just burn internally but prevent the rest of your parts from going ablaze.

burned psu

An uninterruptible power supply of good quality also has voltage regulation and will make sure that no spikes or overcurrent or undercurrent gets to your PC (all are detrimental to the PC) and even if surges happen a higher capacity UPS will be able to take care of it without failing.

You might be able to swap your PSU if this happens to you once, but there is no guarantee that the situation will not happen again, so instead of buying expensive PSUs multiple times, you might as well grab a UPS that will protect your machine no matter what.

The UPS will also protect your monitors, or any other peripherals that need external power, a situation in which a PSU will do you no good since it only takes care of internal PC components.

Keep Your Network Running

Another perk of having a good UPS in your house is that not only will it keep your PC and peripherals safe but it will also keep your home network going so if you are in an important meeting, or if you depend on cloud saves to make sure your files are backed up, you will be able to rest assured that everything will be stored properly.

Overall if you live in an area where outages are a common occurrence or if you simply want extra peace of mind that nothing can happen to your precious PC and peripherals, having a solid UPS will always be a smart choice.

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