Xtrfy MZ1 – Zy’s Rail or the Endgame Mouse for Fingertip and Claw Grip!

The Xtrfy MZ1 otherwise known as Zy’s rail is a mouse that has been hyped for the past couple of months as one of the best small mice for fingertip grip and claw grip to ever grace the market.

The biggest reason for this humongous hype was that the mouse was designed by Zy aka Rocket Jump Ninja, a legendary mouse reviewer and Quake player widely respected in the mouse community.

Zy’s reputation as someone that knows what he is talking about when it came to mice, plus the fact that the company manufacturing it was Xtrfy, a Swedish company known for great build quality made the expectations for this mouse sky-high.

Today I will give you a thorough review of the MZ1 and you can decide for yourself whether this is your endgame mouse or not.


One of the coolest aspects of this mouse is the unique shape. This shape was molded by Zy himself and was custom-tailored for fingertip/claw grip users to feel most comfortable when using this mouse.

xtrfy mz1 top view

The mouse has a small shell with a noticeable hump at the back, very deep finger grooves on the main clicks and a thumb grove for extra comfort.

This mouse was designed for right-hand usage only and you can tell from the very first moment that the shape of this mouse is highly specialized. This is not the usual approach of companies like Logitech, Razer, or Glorious where the shape is somewhat safe so everyone can use it.

A lot of people will either absolutely love the mouse shape, or absolutely hate it since it is so specialized. Luckily I use fingertip grip mainly and transition into more of a claw grip under long tracking scenarios therefore this mouse is PERFECT for me.

As recommended with most mice, give the Xtrfy MZ1 a fair 2 weeks and see if the shape fits you or not. If after two weeks of use the mouse is too small, or the shape is just not for you, you can safely move on to another mouse.

If on the other hand, you loved the shape, then congratulations, you have found your endgame!


Modern mice all have flawless sensors and talking much about them is kind of a waste of time nowadays. All you need to know is that the Xtrfy MZ1 is using a PMW 3389 sensor, which means it has no acceleration, no angle-snapping, everything is just a 1:1 movement of your hand.

Both in-game and in regular tasks the Xtrfy MZ1 is as crisp as a mouse can be. That’s all you need to know about the sensor.


One of the biggest surprises and another point of great hype was the fact that Xtrfy and Zy decided that the MZ1 will use Kailh 8.0 micro switches.If you do not know what that means, in simple words, your clicks will be super clean and crispy and will be extremely satisfying. Unlike regular Omron switches used by most mice, the Kailhs are a completely different experience in terms of click feeling.

xtrfy mz1 buttons

To some these different switches might feel a bit stiffer, but after a bit of use, standard Omrons feel mushy and unsatisfying to use.

Overall very impressed by a mainstream company like Xtrfy using some actual good micro switches in their mice! Good job Zy and Xtrfy!

Mouse Feet

The mouse feet on the Xtrfy MZ1 are unexpectedly smooth. Usually, I would recommend going for aftermarket mouse feet like Corepads even if the stock mouse feet are PTFE, but in this case, I really don’t think this is necessary.

xtrfy mz1 bottom

The main 3 stakes are nice and thick, with rounded edges, making the glide of the MZ1 impeccable. The extra sensor skate is a bonus piece that you can add to your mouse.

The MZ1 also comes with spare mouse feet in the box so you should be good for a while!

Overall the MZ1 seems to prioritize high-quality parts for the entire mouse leading to an exceptional experience!


The only thing that is a possible downside to the Xtrfy MZ1 is the fact that it is not wireless. At the same time, the MZ1 has the best stock paracord-like mouse cable to date. It feels like it has the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness to make sure it stays out of the way when gaming.

xtrfy mz1 cord

In-game the cable is not a problem if you bind it behind your screen or have a mouse bungee feeling almost wireless. The only time I truly felt limited by the cable is on huge swipes where you would need to pull on it a bit.

Fortunately for me, I use a medium speed sensitivity (34cm/360) therefore it is not a huge issue at all. This might be different for people using slower sensitivity in their games, but even then I suspect the cable will do a great job.

Build Quality

The build quality on this mouse is simply phenomenal. Xtrfy is known for having solid products and the MZ1 is no exception to that. No creaking, no rattle, solid mouse shell, smooth mouse wheel, and very bright and satisfying RGB.

For once there are absolutely no build complaints regarding a mouse I am reviewing. It seems that Xtrfy and Zy have made sure that even the pre-order batch (my mouse was a pre-order) is built absolutely rock-solid!

Exceptional work!


The greatest bit about this mouse is the fact that it has no software! You heard it right – every function is done through the DPI and mouse buttons plus the slider on the bottom of the mouse.

To make this process clear Xtrfy includes a little guide in the box, but if you have lost the little paper there is also a video on YouTube you can follow that will give you a clear visual guide.

xtrfy mz1 settings

To some this might be a bit confusing but I much rather prefer having no software and no extra bloat on my PC while gaming. A very good decision made by Xtrfy and Zy!


In one word, after using the Xtrfy MZ1 for a while now, it is hard to find any issues with the mouse whatsoever. The only possible downside of the mouse is the fact that the shape is so special that only a specific type of grip will fit it best.

If you are on the same boat as me where this mouse is made for your mouse grip then this is great news. On the other hand, if you are a palm grip user then this means this mouse is unusable for you.

The only thing I would like to see from this mouse in the future is a wireless version. That would truly make this mouse an endgame product!

Review Summary

The Xtrfy MZ1 is a mouse made in collaboration with Zy, a famous mouse reviewer that has had a lot of experience in the industry. This mouse lives up to the hype delivering stunning performance with all the cool bells and whistles packed in a completely unique shape! This is definitely one of the best mice on the market right now!

  • Features 10
  • Shape 10
  • Build Quality 10


  • Extremely good shape for fingertip/claw grip
  • Has a very good cable and micro switches
  • Although tiny it is built like a tank


  • The shape can be a hit or miss for certain people
  • Some people might not like the lack of software for the mouse

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