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Different games have different requirements and different ranges of sensitivities used. This simple calculator will allow you to convert your sensitivity from one game to another without any hassle.

This calculator is also useful if you want to increase or decrease your DPI but want to use the same sensitivity overall to maintain muscle memory.

All you have to do is introduce the old DPI & sensitivity and you will instantly find out the new values for your DPI/sens.

New Sensitivity = (Current DPI x Current Sensitivity) / New DPI

Something you need to be careful about when converting your sensitivity like this is the different sensitivity scales used in every game. This is mostly based on the different game engines used therefore this calculator will be most useful when converting sensitivities between games that run on the same engine.

For example, if you play CS:GO, Apex Legends, or Titanfall 2 you can use this calculator with no problems since all 3 games use the Source engine sensitivity scale. On the other hand, using this calculator to figure out your sensitivity between CS:GO and Valorant will not work well.

This is once again because of the different sensitivity scale used in Valorant so for this task you would need to use a specialized converter/calculator.

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