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Knowing what sensitivity you are currently playing on and being able to adjust it to your needs under any circumstances is a prerequisite for becoming truly good at FPS games.

This is especially important if you plan on changing to a higher or lower DPI since it will change the way your mouse cursor moves drastically.

To prevent such unexpected events and to make sure your aiming prowess transfers over to your new DPI profile as well, you can use this simple eDPI calculator.

eDPI = DPI * Sensitivity

The perfect scenario to exemplify the usage of this calculator would be if you play Valorant with 800 DPI and 0.235 in-game sensitivity but would like to go to a higher DPI step for your regular workloads so you do not have to move your mouse so much.

In this case, you introduce your current values into the calculator and also indicate your new desired DPI. If for example, you wanted to go 1600 DPI from 800 , then you will see that your new in-game sensitivity should be 0.1175 to be able to make your movements exactly the same as before!

If you take gaming somewhat seriously then eyeballing your sensitivity should not be something you do, instead, you should work with precise numbers and know your sensitivity down to the last digit.

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