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PPI is an acronym for Pixels Per Inch and is a measurement that helps you understand the pixel density of your monitor, smartphone screen, etc. In the digital age where you spend a significant time in front of screens consuming media, it is important to understand what PPI is, since it can be used as a point of comparison between products.

PPI is also often used to describe the pixel density of digital images which quickly gives you an idea of high quality the image is. Overall higher pixel density be it on a monitor screen, or a picture, is always desirable since you will get sharper, higher quality images.

On monitors, low PPI is not desirable because it will most likely mean you will be able to see the pixels with the naked eye, while in terms of images, it will just mean the image will look pixelated.

A situation where the PPI calculator is useful is when for example you are trying to buy a 1080P monitor but are weighing the differences between the 24’’ model and the 27’’model.

The upside of the bigger monitor will obviously be that it is physically bigger, but at the same time, the PPI will drop resulting in a higher chance of you noticing the pixels on your screen so choose wisely! (1920×1080@24’’ – 92PPI; 1920×1080@27’’ – 82PPI)

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