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RAM is a crucial part of any PC that plays a big role in how fast it’s able to perform certain tasks. Every PC enthusiast and gamer focuses on getting the best components possible for their budget, and this includes RAM. But, what determines the actual speed, or absolute latency, of RAM that you will be able to experience?

This comes down to a few factors actually, and not just the MHz that everyone usually focuses solely on. Using this RAM calculator, you can precisely determine the actual speed of your RAM instantly, but first, let’s dive in a bit deeper and understand how it all actually works.

How Is RAM Speed Calculated?

There are three major factors that play the main roles in providing the speed of your RAM. This includes the clock speed (MHz), CAS Latency (CL), and the type of RAM Double Data Rate (DDR). Putting the MHz and CL (timings) into an equation can determine the actual speed of your RAM.

This is the formula that calculates the values from these factors and determines the precise RAM speed or absolute latency:

Absolute latency = (CAS latency*2000) / Frequency

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